Mini-Dungeon Monthly: RPG Zine for D&D 5th Edition


The new monthly RPG zine from AAW Games. Each issue features five brand-new Mini-Dungeon adventures for D&D 5th Edition #zinequest

UPDATE FROM PROJECT: In the first 2 hours the Mini-Dungeon Monthly Kickstarter project was fully-funded, chosen by Kickstarter as a “Project We Love”, featured on the main page, and installed as part of the #ZineQuest Initiative by Luke Crane, head of Kickstarter Games.

Each issue of Mini-Dungeon Monthly features five brand-new Mini-Dungeon adventures for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition with a PDF delivered to your inbox every month along with the option to print at cost!

Mini-Dungeon Monthly in print! Print level backers get the PDF and obtain access to purchase the print version of the zine at cost + shipping & handling from (roughly $2.50+S&H). We print in the USA and UK using OneBookShelf/Lightning Source.

About Issue #1:

Inside each issue of Mini-Dungeon Monthly are five short adventures with brand new illustrations by Mates Laurentiu and cartography by Justin Andrew Mason. We offer a wide range of adventures for a variety of levels. In issue one characters will climb into a roc’s nest to fight hatchlings, try to survive in a crypt filled with vampires, confront a mendacious naga, stop a general from obtaining unfathomable power, and figure out what horrific otherworldly thing is making people go insane.

Mini-Dungeon Monthly issue #1 – Back the Kickstarter for $1 and get the PDF at!

AAW Games has been publishing adventures, maps, and more since 2012, producing hundreds of products including fan favorites such as the Mini-Dungeon TomeUnderworld Races & Classes, Rise of the Drow, and Into the Wintery Gale. 

With your help, we look forward to creating this new and exciting zine!

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