Village Guard

The Village Guard is led by Mayor Igor Leonid.


Alex Bladetooth – The silent type, Alex is deadly in battle. He keeps his past life a secret and speaks only when spoken to.


Barrett Colvek – Barrett is a foolhardy adventurer type who drinks too much and is always late for his shifts. He loves his job, but is quite distracted.


Derann the Orphan – Derann is someone who you would want at your back. He is the first to warn others of danger and is always looking out for the best interests of the Klavek Kingdom.


Jells – Jells is a roguish type who was once a pickpocket but decided to change his ways and become a Klavekian Guard. The catalyst for this change was his brother’s death at the hands of the Vikmordere during one of their many raids on the Klavek Kingdom.


Lexandor Hyrule III – Following in his father’s footsteps, Lexandor is noble, arrogant, and rude. Lexandor spends much of his time studying, flaunting his family’s wealth and notoriety, and flirting with women at the local tavern.


Nolan Brenweld – Nolan comes from a noble family, but unlike Lexandor does not flaunt it. Nolan prefers to keep to himself and works on improving his skills as a warrior. The mayor has trusted both Nolan and Wolf with secret missions from time to time and both men are in line for a promotion.


Olav Gyutok – Olav is a huge man who wades into battle with joy. He loves to crush skulls and make mince-meat of his enemies. Olav has been a guard for over 10 years and plans on defending the Klavek Kingdom until he can no longer heft a sword.


Perry Yefim – A naturally curious young lad, Perry prefers to stay indoors where it is warm. Perry most times chooses to perform clerical duties while working on his own novel about life on the edge of the untamed wilderness. He performs his rounds quickly and then returns to his writings, hoping to publish a book in the next few years.


Valerius Untoo – Valerius comes from a family of mages, thus he is the black sheep but does not mind. He has a bit of an inferiority complex, but does a satisfactory job of defending the village. Valerius is having an affair with a local young woman. If the woman’s husband was to find out he would most likely attempt to kill Valerius. Thus, Valerius keeps his “nightly appointments” to himself.


Wvolf – Wvolf is the only man in the village who lived here before the Klavekians ousted the Vikmordere from Rybalka. He is a ranger that lived in the cold mountain forests that dot the valley around the large glacial lakes.

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