Landore Bugg

Landore Bugg is a strange fellow who bundles up in tattered and stained clothing. He meanders around town performing menial maintenance work on the village. Landore is paid by the mayor to perform such work and thus is technically employed by the Klavek Kingdom.

Landore owns a small home in Rybalka which he calls “Bugg Inn“. This so-called-inn is packed full of random useless junk that Landore picks up around town while performing work. There are two rooms at the inn which have been cleared out for visitors to rent which helps Landore pay to acquire more junk. Sometimes he makes his way out to Klavekian work sites to collect scrap metal and haul it back to his place to dump in the front yard.

Landore is constantly chewing and spitting tobacco and stinks horribly of foul body odor.

Most of the townsfolk steer clear of Landore not wishing to find themselves in a never-ending, one-sided conversation about Landore’s latest acquisition.


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