Sulwotik’s Spirits

Sulwotik runs this tavern out of the front room of his home, while distilling spirits in a back room and sometimes outdoors. The front room is decorated with furs and pelts from many great wilderness beasts, the most prominently displayed is that of a giant bear which Sulwotik uses as a rug. Sulwotik Spirits serves up heavily intoxicating spirits made from local berries which while tasting quite sour quickly warm up a chilled weary traveler. Traditional Vikmordere foods are served here which are a mix of the Vikmordere tribal nomad diet and the Vikmordere settler staples. This includes root vegetables, wild herbs, and game as well as fish and rodents- respectively. (Note that even in the Klavek Homeland it is normal to consume rodent flesh, especially during times of famine.)

Sulwotik can be found either behind the bar serving drinks and food, carving totem poles in the shop behind his home, or distilling spirits.

The tribal shaman is also an expert marksman and has been known to solve petty disputes or drunken antics with a well placed arrow fired without warning.

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