Rybalkan Distilleries

In the village of Rybalka, hidden away in a cluster of stone sheds lies the famed Rybalkan Distillery. The track is always busy with carts: carts bringing grain and leaving with casks. The Balcan family have been in the distilling business for seven generations now, eight if you count the couple of youngsters scampering around the yard and getting underfoot. Several of the younger members of the family travel far and wide promoting their product, but most of the family is employed in and around the yard, tending the copper vats and stores of maturing alcohol in cask.

The secret, as Markus Balcan just might tell you, is the spring rising in back of the yard. Its fresh, clear water imparts a distinctive pure taste to the grain alcohol the family is rightly renowned for producing. An elaborate system of sluices, pipes and pumps now brings the water from the spring into the yard where it is used to wash the grain as well as in the distilling process proper.

Rybalkan Distilleries created by Todd Gamble
Description by Megan Robertson