Rybalka Cathedral

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The Rybalka Cathedral is a great temple built to honor the God of War. It is by far the tallest building in Rybalka. The bell tower has a spectacular view of the region and thus is used by the Village Guard when needed. The bell is used each morning to signal the daily sermon, or rung in times of danger to warn the villagers of an impending attack.

Construction of the cathedral began as soon as the Klavek Kingdom took possession of Rybalka. Although major construction has been completed, minor exterior aesthetic additions are being added with each passing day.

High Priest Juriendor preaches a daily sermon each morning immediately after sunrise. His six acolytes and two priests assist townsfolk with minor matters, while High Priest Juriendor handles larger religious and moral matters and assists in steering the villages in the proper course of action when dealing with diplomatic neighborly relations.

Despite being devoted to the God of War, the Rybalka Cathedral is a bastion of peace and no fighting is allowed within the temple proper. Sparring areas are available on its grounds for the priesthood or those villagers who wish to better prepare themselves for times of war.

High Priest Juriendor is available to heal adventurers for the standard costs.

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