Rybalka Forge

Black smoke billows out from the chimney of the Rybalka Forge which is built of grey stones gathered from the surrounding countryside. Inside, the dwarf Quorron is hard at work forging fine tools, swords, and armor. He works tirelessly as if his life depends on it, only stopping occasionally to down some water or ale from a wineskin. His beard and skin are covered in black soot from the fires of his forge and burns and scars cover his heavily muscled arms. He swings his hammer so hard the vibration shakes you to your very core.

Crafting all manner of metal implements from farming tools to weapons and armor, the dwarf Quorron is an expert blacksmith.

The price of armor and weapons here is much higher than in the lowlands (+30%), and the Rybalka Forge is the only place to buy such goods. Quorron can produce Masterwork Armor and Axes for (+50%).


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