Bugg Inn

Landore Bugg owns a small home in Rybalka which he calls Bugg Inn. This “Inn” is packed full of random useless junk that Landore picks up around town while performing work.

There are a couple rooms at the inn which have been cleared out for visitors to rent which helps Landore pay to acquire more junk. Staying in Bugg Inn is not very private as there are no locks on the doors and Landore is known to barge in whenever he feels like visiting or picking up tools stored in a crate in the corner of the room for jobs around town.

Landore does not heat the guest rooms of his home unless his guests pay for firewood for the wood stove on that half of the house. Prices are not negotiable.

Room Prices:

*Note: 1 room is enough space for an entire adventuring party with beds for all (amongst the crates & junk!)

1 room/1 night = 5 gold

1/room/1 week = 10 gold

2 rooms/1 night = 9 gold

2 rooms/1 week = 17 gold


1 load = 1 silver



1 days worth = 3 copper
1 weeks worth = 1 silver


Food & Water:

Not available

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