Lineage of Klavekian Tsars


about -520-490: Years of the Angry Sea, the Kraken terrorizes the eastern shores of what is today’s modern Klavek


about -500: Mohkba founded by Prince Yuri Dvagaslov, the Holy Knight of the Crossroad. The Sophianeum is built in Mohkba, or, by a different account, the city is built where the Sophianeum already stood. The year -500 is also officially counted as the birthing year of Klavek.


-495: The Emerald Fortress is built in Mohkba


-492: Prince Yuri Dvagaslov dies


-492-487: Prince Draco I. Dvagaslov, the Prince who kissed the Claw. Klavek is part of the Saatman empire.


-487-470: Prince Draco II. Dvagaslov, the Dragonslayer, the prince who rebelled


-483 Saatman toppled


-470-458: Prince Draco III, the traitor prince. He tried in vain to resurrect the last Saatman.


-458-350: Prince Yaroslaw, the Witch.


about -400: Alvarov’s Monastery founded by Prince Yaroslav the Witch as early as in the first century after the foundation of Mohkba,


-350-250: The documents of that period were destroyed in the shadow years after the sunshard hit.


-292: The present walls and towers of the Emerald Fortress in Mohkba are constructed in a single night


about -250- about 170: Princess Anna, the crone


-170-106: the documents of that period were destroyed in the shadow years after the sunshard hit.


-106-85: Prince/Tsar Gregory I, the First Tsar


-100: 400 years after the foundation of Mohkba, Prince Gregory crowns himself as Tsar Gregory I


-85-62: Tsar Gregory II, the Twiceborn, the resurrected Tsar


-62-58: Tsar Pjotr I, the pius


-58-38: Tsar Pjotr II, the noble tsar


-38-12: Tsar Gregory III, the alchemist


-12 (before the sunshard)- 3 (after the sunshard): Tsar Pjotr III, the ill-fated tsar. In his reign the Sun Shard fell.


0: Sun Shard


3-24: Tsar Gregory IV, the pilot Tsar, who saved Klavek after the cataclysm that was the Sunshard.


24-50: The Shadow Years, in which there was no tsar


50-56: Tsar Gregory IV (second period). Gregory was resurrected in the time of prolonged need to still guide Klavek. He thereafter ordered to never bring back a tsar from the dead.


56-77: Tsar Anatol I, first of the Sinner Tsars


77-105: Tsar Anatol II to Tsar Anatol VI, who all worshipped Sloth itself. Their deeds were obscured, their names and relations deleted by their successors.


105-117: Tsar Leo I, the Renewer


117-173: Tsar Leo II, the Tsar in the Bowl. He was cursed in 133 to be a long-lived fish


133-160: Leo III, Prince Leo, the little fish, regent of Klavek while his father was in the bowl.


160-189: Tsar Leo IV, the tsar who broke the bowl (in 173). He wanted to enter history books as the Shattering Tsar, but was sometimes called the Chattering Tsar instead.


190-203: Tsar Leo V, the wishing fish, Lawbreaker. He magically wished to be brought back from death and was promptly executed afterwards by his own daughter for breaking the law of Gregory IV.


203-220: Tsarina Leona I Leonowna, the cold fish, kinslayer.


220-223, 223-225, 225-228: The cursed sons, the eggs of the cold fish. Since Tsarina Leona I was not married, the coronations of her sons, rumored to be from different low-borned fathers, did never happen before each of them died.


228-270: Tsarina Leona II Leonowna, the old fish. Daughter of Tsarina Leona I


270-280: Tsar Leo VI, the Unwise, last of the Fishes. When he chose the number six for himself he condemned his own uncles, the cursed sons, as illegitimate, and this provoked a civil war in his own family.


280-310: Tsar Anatol VII, the lazy king. The descendant of the Sinner Tsars had no children.


310-333: Tsar Anatol VIII, the adopted, the builder tsar.


333-351: Tsar Fjodor I, tsar and potter.


351-377: Tsar Fjodor II, the wondermaker


377-390: Tsar Fjodor III, the ghoul tsar, a dabbler in necromancy


390-395: Tsar Fjodor IV, the warrior tsar, who did fight against the elves


395-401: Tsar Fjodor V, the burning tsar, who waged war against the elves by burning the trees at the border and was burned himself in elvish captivity.


401-402: Tsar Fjodor III, the ghoul tsar (second period). He tried to regain his throne as an undead.


402-441: Tsar Alexei I, the Impatient.


440: “The Millenium of Klavek” erected a bit prematurely 940 years after the foundation of Klavek


441- 470: Tsar Alexei II, the tsar who vanished. His corpse, if he had died at all, was never found.


470-479: Tsar Fjodor III, the ghoul tsar (third period). Unveiled as a vampire after two years on the throne as Fjodor VI, finally staked and bathed in holy water after a civil war that lasted 7 years.


479-590: The Soulbound Tsar. His name was deleted after it was unveiled that he made a pact with a devil to defeat Fjodor III (VI).


590-595: Tsar Yevgeni I, Devilslayer


595-630: Tsar Yevgani II, the tsar who moved a mountain. During his reign Obor claimed a mountain on the plains of Klavek. After war seems unavoidable, Yevgani II uprooted the mountain with the help of the Emerald Fortress and dropped it in Obor, securing the remaining plain for Klavek.


630-651: Tsar Yevgeni III, the digger tsar. Vast excavations followed at the place of the uprooted mountain.


651-680: Tsar Yevgeni IV, the forbidding tsar. After some disturbing excavations the ‘Holy Law’ was sabctioned, forbidding mining activities by Klavekian humans. The trade fell to the dwarves and oreadeans thereafter. The law is, with very few exceptions, still enforced today.


680-690: Tsar Yevgeni V, the rigid tsar


690-712: Tsar Yevgeni VI, Elf-friend


712-733: Tsar Yevgeni VII, the silent tsar


733-752: Tsar Gregory V, the puppet player, brother of Yevgeni VII


752-754: Tsar Yevgeni VIII, the construct. Not really alive but a very convincing machine Yevgeni VIII, built after plans from the old wondermaker tsar, could reign for two years before being unveiled and dismantled.


754-950: Tsar Yevgeni IX, the Elf. Tsar Yevgeni VI had a half elven son who married an elf. Since the other sons of the Elf-Friend didn’t have children of their own, the only Quarter-human grandson Yevgeni IX seized the throne after a short civil war, the Elfson War. He had to promise that his children or descendants would never gain the throne themselves at the end of the Elfson War.


754: The ‘Second Holy Law’ of Klavek now says clearly that, whoever ascends the throne and keeps it has to be born by a full blooded human woman (to prevent things like Yevgeni VIII or elves like Yevgeni IX), has to be still alive (to prevent undead like Fjodor III / VI) and never been dead for more then two days. Is has to be noted that the law has been changed since the days of Leo V, who had been resurrected immediatly by his wish and who would nowadays still be king by the law. Furthermore no tsar is allowed to have a deal with a devil, demon or other evil outsider to prevent another soulbound tsar.


950-973: Tsar Alexei III., the human tsar, founder of the Klavekian Navy


973-1002: Tsar Yuri I., the tsar who danced


1002-1045 Tsar Alexei IV., the cleric


1045-1050 Tsar Alexei V., the Mad Tsar


1048: False Yuri II (Grishka Raulyev) recognized by the nun Tatyana, the widow of tsar Alexei IV, Maria Poterowa, as her son. The Troubles (a civil war) starts


1077: The Troubles ends with the Treaty of the Maiden.


1077-1096: Tsar Pjotr IV, the Diplomat


1096-1104: Tsar Alexei VI, the Twin


1101: Before going to fight the Vikmordere, Tsar Alexei the Twin made a pilgrimage to take the staff of Natalya.


1102: Battle of the Serpent


1104-1105: Tsar Gregory VI the Other Twin, also known as the Shortlived (he was old when he died, but he ruled for only 9 months).


1105-1143: Tsarina Anna Alexeievna. The lovestruck


1106-1112: The War of the Blank Staffs. The Withering Magus, Tarissov the Leprous, unsuccessfully tries to topple Tsarina Anna.


1143: Tsarina Anna dies without legitimate children. A new time of Troubles is prevented by the Prophecy. It names house Tokolvor, distantly related to the throne, as successor by stating that there will be an emperor Tokolvor Klavek XV who will ascend to the heavens.


1143-1158: Tsar Tokolvor Klavek I, the Unlikely.


1150: Gardeners quarter founded as the last part of Mohkba


1158-1189: Tsar Tokolvor Klavek II, the tsar who melted


1190-1230: Tsar Tokolvor Klavek III Ironhand, later known as the fertile, today known as the hidden wizard


1230-1240: Tsar Tokolvor Klavek IV, the First Ruse. He started the long series of ‘sons’, ‘nephews’ and ‘grandsons’ of Ironhand, who in reality were Ironhand himself after casting magic to regain his youth. Since whatever he did to achieve this lastet for only ten years before rapidly aging him, Ironhand invented new relatives of his every ten years to cover himself still being on the throne. In 1290 the ruse was unveiled at the ‘death’ of Tsar Tokolvor Klavek IX, the Last Ruse. Ironhand was poisoned and later thrown in a pool of acid.


1290-1312: Tsar Yuri III, the Relief, a late descendant of Tsar Tokolvor Klavek I, second son Gregory


1291: The ‘Second Holy Law’ is redesigned to prevent another Ironhand in the future. Magic is more and more frowned upon in Klavek.


1301: The Fest of the Confirmation. Tsar Yuri outliving the 10-year-period confirms he is, indeed, not another form of Ironhand.


1312-1330: Tsar Tokolvor Klavek X, the roadbuilder


1330-33: Tsar Tokolvor Klavek XI, the adventuring tsar


1333-45: Tsar Tokolvor Klavek XII, the tsar of thorns, Brother of Tsar Tokolvor Klavek XI


1345 until today: Tsar Tokolvor Klavek XIII, for now called the conquering tsar, self proclaimed “first King of Klavek” (adopting the terminology most commonly used in the rest of the modern world).


1358: The current year



The Klavekian Royal Family

King Tokolvor Klavek XIII

Queen Alexandria Tokolvor Klavek (deceased)



Tokolvor Klavek XIV

Rluk Klavek

Klasen Klavek

Ruhtin Klavek

Vladimir Klavek

Fraqin Klavek



Alexandria Klavek II

Anastasia Klavek


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