Hunter’s Cabin

The Hunter’s Cabin in Dark Wood

The hunter’s cabin was built deep in Dark Wood, it is a bastion of refuge from the evils of the forest. Cual Beartooth, a man with a unique yet gruesome past is the hunter who calls the cabin home.

Cual is not friendly to outsiders but has never turned away guests who need a place to stay along the way. It is customary to leave something with Cual either for safekeeping and a gesture of goodwill, or as payment for a night’s stay.


Safe Location

If the party requires rest to heal wounds and regain lost spells they may use the Hunter’s Cabin in Dark Wood as a safe house.

Cual Beartooth will allow them to stay but expects them to help out by chopping firewood and assisting him by fixing some of the outbuildings.


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Side Jobs

If any of the PCs are close to leveling they may take on various chores for Cual in order to advance to the next level.

Chopping Firewood | Profession Lumberjack DC 10 -OR- STR check

Structural Improvements to Outbuildings | Knowledge: Architecture DC 12 -OR- INT check

Reparing Outbuildings | Craft: Woodworking DC 12 -OR- DEX check

Locating Herbs in Dark Wood | Knowledge: Nature DC -OR- WIS check
Common = DC 12
Uncommon = DC 15
Rare = DC 20
Very Rare = DC 30
Epic Magical Plants = DC 40+

Hunting/Foraging for Food | Survival -OR- Tracking
Food for 4 people = DC 16
Food for 6 people = DC 20

Preparing Meals | Profession: Cook DC 12 -OR- INT/CHA check


Cual is a very skilled herbalist and may choose to assist the party should anyone of them show up to his cabin wounded. Although some may think this a kind act, Cual is simply attempting to mask the smell of fresh blood and quickly heal the wounds so as not to attract devils or demons to his home.

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Cual may craft the following salves or teas for the party:

*Healing salve made from Xevexian leaves, Parchend Root, and Tholian Butter. Heals 1d6 hp but will only work once per month on a person. If one attempts to use it more often than this the individual will grow quite Ill. Some of the ingredients are toxic when used in high dosages and cause the individual to become “fatigued” for 1d4 days.

*Disease Curing Tea made from Dandelion leaves, Choren Tree Bark (peeled and boiled), Powdered Devil’s Horn, and Human sweat (provided by Cual!). This concoction will cure any naturally occurring disease. It is ineffective against any magical form of illness or disease and does not cure a man made or “engineered” disease.

*Resuscitation Powder made from Spicy Dill Weed, Ginger Root, Jiajia Berries, and Human bones. These ingredients are dried for 1 year then pulverized and ground into a fine powder. When this powder is poured into the ears and nose of an unconscious or dying individual it will wake them in 1d4 rounds. The conscious person must roll a Fortitude Save DC 12 or fall back into the state from which they just awoke. If they succeed they regain 1d8+8 hp although must rest for 1 full hour before regaining full control over their body. This powder is made from very rare ingredients and is also time consuming. Cual will only offer this to close friends or in trade for something he needs or wants. (Note: Mammal bones other than human may be used in the preparation of this powder, but it will change the Fort save to DC 18.)



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