AAW Games / Sonor Village partner to create music for Mini-Dungeon series

AAW Games announces a partnership with Sonor Village to provide music/sounds for Mini-Dungeon series

Sonor Village is creating new music and sounds for the popular Mini-Dungeon series.

Starting with a single Mini-Dungeon, The Siren’s Lament by Colin Stricklin, and progressing through many more, customers can expect a professional and exciting set of audio choices pairing perfectly with their Mini-Dungeon adventures.

The very first joint-release, The Siren’s Lament Soundpack is on sale now, exclusively on Adventureaweek.com for $2.99. This audio pairs with The Siren’s Lament available for D&D 5E, Pathfinder RPG, and soon, Savage Worlds.

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About AAW Games

AAW Games is a tabletop games publisher located in Snoqualmie, WA. Known for titles such as the Mini-Dungeon Tome, Rise of the Drow, and Underworld Races & Classes, AAW Games strives to bring you the best creative content for your games. Find us on the web at https://aawgames.com/


About Sonor Village

Sonor Village was born in 2014 as a work team inside the Music Village Institute of Rome.

Composed by Antonio Affrunti (director), Daniele Siscaro and Gianluca Siscaro, the Sonor Village deals with audio production and musical creativity and especially with the creation of soundtracks for every type of project: films, short films, spots, documentaries, dramas, audiobooks, multimedial projects, videogames, books, websites, etc.

Sonor Village’s areas of interest are:


Creation of soundtracks, stems, soundtracks for films, short films, spots, documentaries, dramas, audiobooks.


Soundtracks, sound design, FX / Foley / ME track, mixing 2.0.


Live-recorded audio / film recording, live recording, studio recording

For its activity of sound production, it relies on two professional recording studios with the best digital and analogic technology.

Some samples of the tracks offered can be listened to at the soundcloud address https://www.soundcloud.com/sonor-village or on the YouTube channel, along with complete tracks.


Between 2018 and 2019 Sonor Village has worked for:

Acchiappasogni (IT): OST for tabletop RpG “The nights of Nibiru” and “Augusta Universalis”

Minos Game (IT) : OST for tabletop RpG “Rockopolis”

Scuola di GdR (IT): Main theme for podcast

A.P.S (IT): Main theme for web video series

Dicegames Italia (IT) : Main theme for video launch campaign Kickstarter

The GM’s Table (USA) : Main theme for web video series

Yarps (German) : Music for RpG app

and many other….



Sonor Village

Via Aurelio Cotta 36 00175 Rome Italy

Director Antonio Affrunti

Legal Advisor Dr.sa Pamela Giannuzzi

e-mail  sonorvillage@gmail.com

facebook   https://www.facebook.com/sonorvillage

soundcloud   https://www.soundcloud.com/sonor-village

Youtube   Sonor Village

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