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The Vikmordere Valley (Part 1)

A shieldmaiden of the Vikmordere Valley

Dense, moss-strewn forests cover the lands of the Vikmordere Valley. Ever-present mists form thick clouds in the forest canopy. Shelf ice on Serpent Lake takes on the form of arched waves against the shore in the winter months. Winds from the Adövyc Mountains, even in the warm summer months, are a chill reminder of the glaciers in the high peaks and the terrible jötunn who dwell there.

Surrounded on all sides by the mighty Klavek Kingdom, the Vikmordere Valley has remained the sovereign home of the Vikmordere for countless generations. Despite the presence of a Vikmordere village or stronghold on nearly every isle and at every river mouth, the Vikmordere Valley is an untamed place, with settlements divided by leagues of frigid water and misty forests.

Ancient fir, hemlock, darkwood, tranteum, and spruce trees climb the mountain sides beyond the snowline. In the lowlands, cold springs feed idyllic streams and rivers. There is no end to the game trails from fox, sable, hare, wolf, boar, hart, and more. All the vast forests of the Vikmordere Valley are unspoilt by human progress. The mists that cover the valley hint at the dangers and discoveries one might find within.

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d100 Book and Tome Descriptions

As your players’ characters walk into the sights and smells of a mage’s study, the dust and silence of a sage’s library, or the forbidding cages of a demon’s infernal bookstore, they glance around and straightway ask what the books they can see look like.

But what if the only answer you have prepared is the description of the one you want them to find, plus perhaps a couple of decoys? What do you do if they start to drift along the shelves or walk around the tables stacked high with volumes? Are you ready answer their questions? Were you were rushed when setting up the adventure? Did the author add enough detail? If so, worry no more!

Below are descriptions of 100 types of books and tomes. Use them to grab the attention of your players’ characters and to help flesh out the atheneums, bibliothecas and literature repositories in your adventures. Some are obvious, some are uncommon, and some are outlandish! While most the books are not magical in themselves, some only exist thanks to the efforts of casters, and the contents themselves may just be information rather than magical as well. Unless, that is, you decide differently…

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d100 – Acanthus’s Truths from a Drow Slave Camp

There are many fates worse than death that you might suffer in the Underworld if you are incautious, but perhaps the very worst of them is to end up in a drow slave camp. Holoth’s camp is known and feared for hundreds of miles around the city, and with the dark elves now taking captives from the surface, rumors of the terrible existence one can expect if captured are spreading rapidly.

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d100 – Acanthus’s Truths: Living in Holoth

d100 Acanthus's Truths

From the scrollshelves of the sage, d100 Acanthus’s Truths about living in Holoth. As the party begins to plan to advance on Holoth, whether openly or covertly, it pays for them to try and find out a little more about the city.  Unfortunately, few folks have been to Holoth and come out without being affected, so information about the place, and the Drow in general, is sketchy and potentially a little unreliable. However, some facts have emerged over time, and although they can sound a “little vague” what’s listed below is essentially true. Characters can gain some of these pieces of information by speaking with appropriate residents of other Underworld cities or intelligent creatures they meet on the way to Holoth itself. As GM, use them to add flavor to any encounters with Drow at any point in the adventure. Continue reading d100 – Acanthus’s Truths: Living in Holoth

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d100 – Seemingly Sensible Advice Found in a Strange Setting

EITHER roll d100 once and just read across both entries OR roll twice and match the advice to where it is found. The idea is that the advice, whilst sound in general, is unnerving in its specific place; it ought to get the minds of the characters racing at least. Some of the advice (e.g. Entry 4) is deliberately open to interpretation. Whether ANY of it makes sense is up to the GM in specific situations; if it doesn’t, it is meant to distract the characters into making mistakes or being over cautious.

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