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Mini-Blurb: Snowman Mayhem


As a writer, I often wonder if other writers follow a similar process to mine, or if I am unique in the way I create my adventures. Rarely do I have a clear vision for how a Mini-Dungeon story will play out beginning to end. More often I really have no idea how I am going to finish an adventure. I begin writing and let the story grow organically. Such was the case with Snowman Mayhem. Continue reading Mini-Blurb: Snowman Mayhem

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Shard Tabletop & AAW Games

Shard Tabletop is an easy to use, online virtual tabletop.

AAW Games has partnered with Shard to bring our Mini-Dungeons series to Shard Tabletop. These one-shot adventures are perfect for a drop in session, supplementary material to your main campaign, or even when running a first-time game. Continue reading Shard Tabletop & AAW Games

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AAW Games & Foundry Server

Foundry Server & AAW Games have partnered up to bring our popular Mini-Dungeons to Foundry VTT. Now, when you sign up for an account with Foundry Server, your account comes pre-loaded with a series of AAWsome Mini-Dungeons ready to play with fog of war, line of sight, lighting/sound effects, pregens, and more!

Continue reading AAW Games & Foundry Server