Alin’s Almanac: Baevonian’s Gown

Named after the elegant gowns Baevonian soldiers wear to formal military balls, this flower grows along the shaded peaks of the Baevonian Mountains.

Baevonian's Gown
Baevonian’s Gown


Found. Shaded areas in temperate and warm regions, typically in the mountains and rarely in the foothills.

Appearance. A large pinkish-red blossom comprised of numerous small blossoms and petals forming a half moon shape. Waxy dark green leaves may be easily separated from the hard brown stalk of the plant.

Fragrance. Having almost no fragrance, Baevonian’s gown attracts pollinators at night, such as bats and moths, by emitting a high-frequency sound audible only to certain creatures.

Uses. The high-frequency sound which attracts pollinators can also cause annoyance to those that can hear it, such as the humanoid-bat creatures known as the ahool or ahooling. When over two-hundred of these flowers are placed in a single 30-foot area, a loud high-frequency sound will emanate in a 1,000 foot radius. Those that can hear the sound must make a successful DC 15 Wisdom Save or be attracted to within a 200-foot radius where they may attempt the Save again. Once entering the final 200’ radius, a creature hearing the sound must make a successful DC 20 Wisdom Save or become confused (as per the spell) for 1d4+4 rounds.

Combination. This flower cannot be combined with any others, at least none that our scholars and botanists have located. Perhaps an adventurous herbalist will find a wonderous combination someday!


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