Stephen Radney-MacFarland

5E Mini-Dungeon #155: Deviltry in the Basement


5th Edition Mini-Dungeon for four to six characters of levels 3-4


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5th Edition Mini-Dungeon for four to six characters of levels 3-4

Imagine a dinner party at the home of an influential person. Maybe something about this person doesn’t sit right. Perhaps they are too charming, too slick, or just a little off. Something is just not right. That person is hiding something.

Deviltry in the Basement explores what the characters might find beyond their initial hunch—what is beyond a secret doorway hidden in the dwelling of a depraved individual masquerading as a prominent member of society. It also gives them the chance to rescue those who have fallen into this villain’s clutches.

Mini-Dungeons are short, setting-agnostic adventures for 5th Edition which can be easily inserted anywhere in your campaign.

Need maps? This download includes the PDF and GM, Player, VTT maps in a ZIP file.

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