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A Viking Adventure Kickstarter: Into the Wintery Gale


AdventureAWeek.com is¬†known¬†for amazing adventure modules that captivate PCs and give GMs an epic saga within which to tell their own tales of heroism, redemption, or whatever it is they’re about. Most of these are extremely¬†collaborative works and while many innovations and wonderful encounters are designed in this fashion, it’s extremely rare‚ÄĒalmost unheard of!‚ÄĒfor a single […]

The Veranthea Codex launches today at 6PM EST (3 PM PST)!


Mike Myler and Rogue Genius Games are launching a Kickstarter later TODAY (6PM EST!) for a book everyone needs in their Pathfinder library‚ÄĒthe Veranthea Codex. Veranthea¬†is Mike‚Äôs mad world, the campaign setting he started playing Pathfinder in years ago, and it‚Äôs been developing into a truly amazing project! But why are you reading about it […]

Snow White Kickstarter – Coming in June!


The Rise of the Drow¬†books (check¬†out¬†the video!) are on the way and we’re ramping up to launch our¬†next big book:¬†a premium quality, masterfully illustrated,¬†professional grade, macabre adventure of the most devious variety‚ÄĒan authentic, innovative re-working of the classic fairy tale¬†Snow White. Just as soon as those wonderful¬†Rise of the Drow¬†books are shipped out, we’re giving […]

Realm Works Kickstarter by Lone Wolf Development

Lone Wolf Development stands out as a leader in providing software for tabletop games.¬† Their key products, Army Builder and Hero Lab, are award winning products that set the standard to which others aspire.¬† Their newest product, Realm Works, is poised to follow in those footsteps.¬† They are currently running a Kickstarter to pack more […]

Rise of the Drow Trilogy Kickstarter – More Details!!!

The Rise of the Drow Trilogy Kickstarter by Adventureaweek.com just went live. ¬†So, what’s all the fuss about? ¬† Here’s Stephen Yeardley (co-author of RotD) to tell you a bit more!   Adventureaweek.com¬†puts out a new D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder Role-playing game compatible adventure every single week. In 2012 we released a popular and critically […]

A Free Adventure, New Kickstarter, and Print Adventures!

A Free Adventure, New Kickstarter, and Print Adventures! 2013 is already promising to be a fruitful year for Adventureaweek.com. ¬†We’ve kicked off the new year by introducing PRINT adventures for the very first time starting with Kevin Mickelson’s adventure for Pathfinder Beginner, “A Learning Time”¬†available to order at DriveThruRPG.com now! We would also like to […]

Kaidan:Dim Spirit (Part II) and #30 Haunts for Kaidan

Hej everybody, with the¬†Kaidan Campaign Setting kickstarter running, I figure I’d post the second review of the critically-acclaimed trilogy! Dim Spirit   The second part of the three-part Japanese horror saga set in Kaidan, “Dim Spirit” clocks in at a whopping 64 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page list of contributors, 1 page editorial, […]