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Creator of the Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide Returns… on Kickstarter!

The Triumphant Return of Douglas Niles

Douglas NilesDouglas Niles, a legendary name for those who hail from the days of AD&D and TSR. A man whose legacy spans from the very first Forgotten Realms novels to the creation of the Dragonlance world, Doug is a New York Times Best-Seller and his work has been read and utilized by countless roleplayers. Doug is also well known for creating the groundbreaking Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide (TSR, 1986) with legends Gary Gygax and David C. Sutherland III, a book which detailed exploration of the subterranean world, a realm which was previously only hinted at and briefly explored in a few select modules. The Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide finally gave DMs the ability to craft their own adventures and full campaigns in the Underdark.

Dungeoneer's Survival Guide

Now, 35 years after the Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide was published by TSR, Douglas Niles returns, alongside Thilo Graf (Endzeitgeist) and Stephen Yeardley, to bring you the Survivalist’s Guide to Spelunking.

The Survivalist’s Guide to Spelunking is designed for use with D&D 5e but has enough information about the strange and alien underground world to be of use for anyone looking for a good survival guide to enhance their adventures into the depths of the earth.

In the section below is the inside scoop, the back of book text, from the Survivalist’s Guide to Spelunking, for your esteemed edification. The Survivalist’s Guide to Spelunking Kickstarter goes live on March 3rd, 2021 and you don’t want to miss being a part of this legendary occasion to pay homage to one of the greats with an exciting “sequel” to the Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide, lavishly crafted for both D&D players & DMs.


Survivalist's Guide to Spelunking

Survivalist’s Guide to Spelunking for D&D 5e
Kickstarter launches March 3rd, 2021!

The Definitive Guide to Underworld Survival!

Douglas Niles with Dungeoneer's Survival GuideThe legendary dwarven delver Dugmore Dumple is back from retirement! Following on from his seminal guide for dungeoneers, Dugmore now takes you through crystalline caverns, fungal jungles and the maze-like passages of his home beneath the surface, even skirting the upper regions of Hel itself.

Survival in the Underworld is no mean feat, but this massive tome contains all you need to exist and endure, nay, prosper in and profit from the lightless realms below. Dugmore’s sage advice, carefully balanced by seasoned traveler and guide Fin Starling, provides all the tools you require to enhance your experience while exploring the fabled caverns and tunnels below the surface.

Survivalist’s Guide to Spelunking contains an array of modular tools and rules to customize your game, including:

  • Survivalist's Guide to SpelunkingA comprehensive taxonomy of cave types
  • Expanded climbing tools and rules
  • Advice for designing, mapping, and running 3D-environments
  • Modular rules for momentum and chases
  • Rules for mining minerals and exotic ores
  • Streamlined rules for tracking supplies
  • Foraging and hunting rules
  • Detailed segmented spellcasting and combat maneuvers
  • Rules to make tactical combat puzzles
  • Highly modular hazard generators
  • Comprehensive notes on light and darkness
  • A breath-engine for exploration of flooded caverns or spore-choked jungles
  • Rules for hypothermia, hyperthermia, and more exotic afflictions like Shroomitis
  • The lethal hazards of elemental border regions
  • A glimpse at the Lightless Abyss and the upper regions of Hel

Plus, all the tables and tools you need to run an underground exploration game.

Register to be notified when this Kickstarter launches.

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A Viking Adventure Kickstarter: Into the Wintery Gale is known for amazing adventure modules that captivate PCs and give GMs an epic saga within which to tell their own tales of heroism, redemption, or whatever it is they’re about. Most of these are extremely collaborative works and while many innovations and wonderful encounters are designed in this fashion, it’s extremely rare—almost unheard of!—for a single individual to carry their vision through to the end of a project, personally creating or overseeing all the aspects of production as artist, cartographer, designer, and writer.

Justin Mason picBut today, we’ve got a right honest auteur adventure that is already kitted out with amazing illustrations, cartography, and more in Into the Wintery Gale!

What do I mean by an auteur adventure?
Justin Andrew Mason (JAM) is a talented artist, award-winning cartographer, fun writer, and great designer—he can do it all! While collaborating with the rest of the AaW crew is inevitable, this module is different from the rest because the creator’s original vision is getting fulfilled in a more comprehensive manner than anywhere else in the many fiefdoms of the RPG industry (not unlike an auteur film, for my fellow movie buffs)!

JAM approached me about this project sometime late last year with the intent of posting it onto the AaWBlog. The boss stepped in though (he just loves vikings) and since then the format of everything has been reworked from the regular blog schedule (magic item-trap-haunt-locale-sidequest-monster) and into a proper adventure, one sure to set all other viking modules into their place.

profile-picWe could go on singing JAM’s praises for weeks, but encourage you to instead get a look at the Into the Wintery Gale Kickstarter (25% funded in a matter of hours)! Check out the video, peruse the pledge levels, grab your greataxe and get into this bundle of Norse goodness now before the best pledge levels are all gone!



UPDATE (3/29/2015)
Our amazing backers have pushed the Kickstarter past ALL of the initial stretch goals! If you haven’t gotten onto this Kickstarter yet, you’d better do it now before it’s too late—vikings raid hard and fast, and this project’s funding period ends on April 9th! As of this update a few of the higher pledge levels are still open, but they won’t stay that way for long!

into the wintery gale promo image


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FINAL HOURS of the Veranthea Codex Kickstarter!

Veranthea Codex Kickstarter is entering its final weekend!

autographedMike Myler (Master of the AaWBlog) and Rogue Genius Games’ Kickstarter is coming to an end this weekend on Sunday October 5th and you do not want to miss this fantastic campaign setting/player resource/GM tool! To get an idea of what they’ve got to offer, grab the four free PDFs from the Kickstarter page and get ready for one of the most exciting Pathfinder tomes you have ever seen!

Leading off the book is a foreword by RPG veteran artist Larry Dixon (Oriental Adventures, Fiend Folio, Epic Level Handbook from Wizards of the Coast), who’s contributing an illustration of a character written by NY Times bestseller Mercedes Lackey! Anyone keen to an autographed collector’s art print of the avian ally can get one at the $99 pledge level (along with the Veranthea Codex and 16 other great PDFs)!

The next section of the tome contains unique, distinctive settings that are lands full of adventure all their own or compelling powers in a global conflict, depending on the kind of game you want to play!

  • There’s the sword and sorcery of Grethadnis, lands torn by war and experiencing a new renaissance of (largely victorian steampunk) technology. Fight against Kratcher the ogress-magi and her horde of firearm-laden orcs and goblins in the southwest, join the Church of the Green Avenger as Trianestra roars from the eastern side of the continent, or help the Kind Folk in the defense of their homes!
  • Across the impassable oceans is Urethiel, a realm brimming with magic and ruled over by three Grand Dynasties. Martial artists and powerful mages walk the lands, the wounds left by bloody genocides are still fresh in the minds of the dragonii (one of several new races) and all of the other peoples there. VC_AddOn_NPCCardsAbsorb and redirect magic (with the conduit base class), be immune to both the arcane and divine, or find your place somewhere in the middle of this wuxia paradise!
  • On the other side of the world is Trectoyri, a place where the Monstrous Folk rule over enslaved elves, dwarves, and humans with impunity. Fighter planes soar through the air, halfling freerunners steal back the liberty of the subjugated, and orc motorcyclists roll across the dieselpunk continent!
  • Connecting them all are the labyrinthine passages of the Trekth Empire’s imprint on Veranthea—the vast vehoro throughout the Forever Dark. Remote towns and outposts eke out lives in the impossibly huge mechanism’s nodes, fighting against the psionic horrors of the Endless Night. These settlements are only intermittently connected by the irregular, massive machine that runs beneath Veranthea in this Wild West-themed wonderland of aberrations!

After the innovative campaign setting you’ll find a plethora of player options that range from new feats and magic styles, class archetypes, prestige classes, new items, new spells, and much more for the PCs at the table! GMs get some great material too: global rules that make these wildy different campaign settings mesh together without unbalancing the mechanics of the game (like firearm recoil).
But that’s not all that Gamemasters are in store for! The last part of the Veranthea Codex is filled with NPC statblocks for unique alchemists, cavaliers, gunslingers, inquisitors, magi, ninjas, oracles, samurai, and summoners!

print-voucher-version2There are great add-ons like Face Cards, a GM Screen, high resolution VTT maps, and NPC Cards, but the project just recently announced something very exciting: everyone that pledges at the $25 Backer level or above receives a voucher for an at cost (ink, glue, paper, and postage) softcover for the Veranthea Codex!


Make your pledge and get a copy of this amazing book in your hands!