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Vasi, Goddess of Water 

Titles Lady of the Lake, Mother of the Ocean, Pearls of the Mist, Tears of the Eternal Bath 

Home The Plane of Water 

Alignment N (deity), N/NG (clergy) 

Portfolio Freshwater, lakes, pools, oases, grottos, springs, peace, life, wisdom 

Worshippers Widely worshipped, heavily revered by those in dry areas 

Domain Water 

Favored Weapon Aspergillum as a tall metal staff 



Born of a single drop from the Elemental Plane of Water, Vasi came to Aventyr by sheer luck when the original four elementals collided in the vast empty abyss of space. Unaware of her true power and acting only of universal impulse, Vasi embraced earth, fire, and air, to create Aventyr itself, and through this formation, the freshwater with which to rain down and cover the world. While others would end up as caretakers over the brackish depths where earth and water bled too deeply together, Vasi was the guardian of it all.  

After she adopted to the needs of those mortals living in Aventyr, and after the Shard of the Sun nearly collided with the planet, Vasi took to caring for those lacking water, sending her clergy into the Scorched Lands to find, save, and possibly convert those who would surely have died in the desert wastes.  



Churches, Clergy, and Worshippers

Vasi’s shrines and temples are found near deep grottos and remote mountain lakes, anywhere there is a clean source of freshwater, a small shrine is found nearby. Worshippers are many and their influence spread far and wide in Aventyr, for all need water to survive. 

Those who revere the Lady of the Lake frequently help others in need of water and provide safe shelter from the horrors of the world. While outsiders are welcome to cradle in the Tears of the Eternal Bath for a time, they are eventually asked to stay and become priests or leave, back to the world from whence they came.  


Holy Text 

The Mi’unin is a tome born during the reign of the Grekians and when recited by each of the 92 high priests of Vasi at once, in all 92 shrines, and in unison for 92 days and 92 nights, brings about The Great Flood. An event which, in the past, covered large sections of Aventyr in water and even caused the level of the seas to rise.  


Example of a Shrine/Temple 

Vasi’s Grotto

Welcome to Aventyr Adventures! A system agnostic series (with some D&D 5e) designed for GMs and players to enjoy the exploration of new lands together. These blog entries are 100% free for you to use along with existing Aventyr Campaign Settingcontent.

Explore and discover Aventyr, an exciting world where nature struggles to survive under the onslaught of so-called civilization, primal warriors summon powerful totems, and ancient secrets in the sky, sea, and depths of the earth wait to be discovered!

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World Map: Locations Nearby

Wayward Inn

Beldam of Stygian Glade

Ogre Canyon

Ruins of Wo’Mataja

K’Tarik, Sanctuary of Scattered Souls

Y’Quenar, Pillars of the Planes

Vasi’s Grotto

Baevonian Pass



Author Jonathan G. Nelson

Artist © 2015 Dean Spencer, used with permission. All rights reserved. 

Cartographer Justin Andrew Mason

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Beldam of Stygian Glade


Beldam of Stygian Glade is an adventure location and scenario for four to six characters of levels 4-7

In a deep, dark forest there lives an old witch named Nayowayown who, long ago, was a very healthy and levelheaded young woman. In the early days, when war came to the forest village, the woman’s husband and his forces tried to protect everyone, but the might of the enemy was too great; he was slain on the battlefield in what is now known as Stygian Glade. In this glade, the woman pined for her lover, perpetually cradling his corpse and building a hut made from the bones of his comrades.  

As the years crept on, she found a way to commune with the spirits of those slain and bring them back as ghostly apparitions to guard her hut, Stygian Glade, and the surrounding forest. She buried the bones of her enemies in the caves beneath her hut, destined to rise again if disturbed. 

Wandering Spirits

Nayowayown’s undead guardians have strayed too far from the forest and attack a traveling merchant who the characters encounter not far from the wood. The merchant begs for the party’s help, offering good coin. Once the battle has concluded she asks if they will investigate the forest and stop the undead attacks which have been plaguing this roadway for weeks. In return she will tell them the location where she camped one night and happened to see a group of Chonian bandits, moving treasure into a cave in the hills.  

Memories Remain 

If the characters enter the forest, they must make a successful DC 14 Wisdom save. 

If they fail, have the player roll 1d6. Any conditions listed below are automatically removed the instant the party leaves the forest. 

1 = The character hears whispering voices.
2 = Once per day the character is randomly attacked by a strange apparition wielding a longsword which automatically hits and causes 1d8+2 slashing damage. As soon as the character is hit the apparition vanishes into the forest.  
3 = In their peripheral vision the character keeps seeing something white and wispy moving. Once per day they are so distracted they follow the wispy object into the woods and could get lost if party members aren’t watching carefully. 
4 = Voices are heard in this character’s head, trying to convince them to kill one of their comrades as they sleep. There is a 10% chance per day the character will actually attempt this. 
5 = Someone keeps screaming in the night, the character cannot rest or sleep. 
6 = The character periodically thinks they are one of the warriors who died many years ago in a great battle. In combat there is a 10% chance per round that the character is confused 

Locations in East Wood

Forest within 1 mile of Nayowayown’s Hut 

Four specters and two ghosts attack the party. 


Approaching the Hut 

Three specters, two poltergeists, and a ghost attack. 

Nayowayown’s Hut 

If the characters are loud or boisterous in combat whilst fighting the undead, Nayowayown emerges from her hut and joins the fray, otherwise she won’t likely hear the combat as she hums an old song and stirs her pot of green goop. 

Nayowayown is a delusional and extremely paranoid green hag or night hag (depending upon party level).
She confronts the party, yelling “You killed my husband, invaded our forest, and destroyed our village; now you will pay!” she uses a wand of paralysis (as a bonus action once per round) and attacks.  

1d2+1 rounds after any character enters the hut, the bones of Nayowayown’s enemies begin to shuffle through the caves below and enter the hut via a rickety old ladder.

A DC 18 Charisma (Persuasion) check convinces Naywayown to cease her assault but she cannot stop the undead.  

Beneath the Hut 

A rickety old ladder made from the gnarled fallen limbs of old trees descends into dark caverns below the hut and forest. This area is detailed in Mini-Dungeon Monthly #6. 


Treasure in these Woods? 

There is a rumor of great riches hidden somewhere in the forest, possibly the reason the two armies warred. This rumor is partially true in that a large hoard of coins, weapons, and armor are stored away in ancient Grekian vaults, now buried deep beneath the woods. These vaults are haunted by the spirits and undead of the slain. Only one has entered and returned, a thief named Swyl who frequents the Wayward Inn 

Welcome to Aventyr Adventures! A system agnostic series (with some D&D 5e) designed for GMs and players to enjoy the exploration of new lands together. These blog entries are 100% free for you to use along with existing Aventyr Campaign Setting content.

Explore and discover Aventyr, an exciting world where nature struggles to survive under the onslaught of so-called civilization, primal warriors summon powerful totems, and ancient secrets in the sky, sea, and depths of the earth wait to be discovered!

Explore Aventyr!


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Where are these Aventyr Adventures on the map?

Where exactly is Former Chonia on the Aventyr world map? Here’s a shot-by-shot zoom out showing where the Disputed Territories and Former Chonia are located in relation to the rest of the world.



Get the Aventyr Campaign Setting world map free!

If you have any questions about Aventyr, please leave them below in the comments. I love questions!

-Jonathan G. Nelson
Owner/Publisher… and author!
AAW Games


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Y’Quenar, Pillars of the Planes

Y’Quenar, Pillars of the Planes 

An Aventyr Adventure for four to six characters of 2nd-3rd level 

Jonathan G. Nelson 


Pillars of the Planes is a Chonian nickname for Y’Quenar, a planar temple dedicated to the far-reaching pantheon of multiverse deities. This temple was constructed and imbued with planar energies by the ancient Grekians who once lived in the city of Grekia, the current location of Lake Chonia. The Grekians were not henotheists, nor were they monotheistic polytheists, they were true polytheists and worshiped all the gods equally, understanding the importance of balance in all things. To that end, they imbued the essence of each and every plane in the multiverse into the temple and the pillars was the entry and exit point of such energy and the connection directly to each of these planes.  

Long a source of spiritual guidance and the place Grekians would go to “find themselves”, the Pillars of the Planes was abandoned a hundred years or so after Grekia was destroyed. The ancestors of the Grekians became Chonians and Baevonians and life went on. The temple was forgotten a time. 

Then, a few years back, a devil-worshipping cult came to the Pillars of the Planes, discovered the connection to Hel and used only that one pillar to tap into true infernal essence, channeling it to the surface of Aventyr 

The cultists built a statue representing their god and imbued it with the infernal essence, thereby granting it the ability to manifest as a true devil, within this plane of existence. Their greatest treasure, a book of all the ancient Grekian locations left in the world, was placed in a treasure chest which would be guarded by the statue while the cult left to find these other locations, and start new sects throughout the land. The cultists delved too deep in their next endeavor and were never heard from again.  

Recently, the remnants of a Chonian army took refuge within these walls and some of the survivors were subsequently possessed by infernal malevolence. They conceal their true nature until they venture out to brutally sacrifice all who cross their path in order to appease the devil overlord. 

Character States 

(L) signifies a lawful character who is unaware of the possession effect. (L) characters become (S) when faced with evidence, or on a DC 12 Charisma (Persuasion) check.
(S) signifies a suspicious character that has encountered strange occurrences. 
(P) signifies a possessed character who acts convincingly to (L) or (S) characters, but displays their true nature and intent once alone or with other (P) characters. 

Interaction with the party
(S) who become aware of (P) and are convinced of their evil intentions, will assist the party if combat breaks out; (L) characters will not and may even oppose the party. Roleplay the interaction, changing states accordingly. Use whatever NPC statistics work best for the level of the party: guardacolytepriestveteran, or those provided below.


  1. Pillars of the Earth
    Each of these pillars is engraved with a runic depiction of a plane. The first four are Hel (LE), Hades (NE), the Abyss (CE), and Limbo (CN). The second four are Olympus (CG), the Seven Heavens (LG), Elysium (NG), and Nirvana (LN). If anyone engraves the opposing planar rune on a pillar, that pillar explodes, causing 14 (4d6) bludgeoning damage in a 5- foot radius and crumbles to a pile of rubble. A character touching a pillar opposing their alignment suffers 7 (2d4+2) force damage and is knocked prone (no saving throw). A character touching a pillar matching their alignment grants them a boon for the rest of the adventure (GM’s discretion). 
    2d4+8 guards are on duty here at any time of day. 80% (L), 10% (S), 10% (P) 
  2. Blessed by the Divine
    This room is the temporary home of numerous healers, all blessed by the deities to provide healing for the troops, and to any commoners seeking refuge here. They will heal anyone requiring assistance, regardless of alignment or affiliation. Six 3rd level clerics (life domain)4 (L), 1 (S), 1 (P) 
  3. Barracks of the Forgotten
    Once great warriors and veterans of long forgotten wars, the old swordsmen sleep a deep slumber steeped in depression and recurring nightmares of horrific wars long since ended. Twelve 6th level fighters (+2 weapons/armor) rest here. 9 (L), 2 (S), 1 (P)  
  4. Four Pyramid Puzzles
    There are four puzzles here which need to be assembled in order to open the door leading to area 5. The players may assemble their dice (or other available objects) in whatever fashion they wish in an attempt to construct four, stable pyramids. Grant inspiration or experience to those who think outside the box. Once four, stable pyramids have been constructed in real life, the door to area 5, will open.  
  5. Pillars of the Planes / Toll the Tormented
    This room is dedicated to the devil and its statue, still guarding the chest.There are twelve pillars, each holds a planar, runic depiction (analogue to area 1), but this set contains include four additional planes (GM’s choice). A character placing their hands upon a planar pillar of similar alignment may be imbued with a temporary boon (up to GM) while touching an opposing alignment may cause a bane, otherwise they act just like the pillars in area 1.
    Touching a Pillar of the Planes

    Each pillar touched, mentally takes the character into another plane of existence where they experience things as if they were there. GM’s must take some time to research each of the planes and be prepared to thematically describe each one a character may touch. Feel free to embellish, add boons, add banes, throw in additional scenarios, riddles, and more. Have fun with it!
    A treasure chest sits, covered in dust, upon a trapped dais, in the center of the room, underneath a looming devil statue.Trap on the Chest: A successful DC 15 Intelligence (Investigation) or DC 19 Wisdom (Perception) check reveals a trap on the chest. This trap may be disarmed with a successful DC 19 Dexterity (thieves’ tools) check.
    If the chest is touched before the trap is removed, the dais begins to descend into the ground at a rate of 5 feet per round for 4 rounds. Those standing upon the dais will descend with it. As soon as the dais begins to descend, acid begins to spray from the devil statue’s mouth, into the hole, covering all those within it in acid spray for 3 (1d6) acid damage. This continues each round as the dais descends. By the time the trap reaches the lowest point (20 feet down) the hole will be completely filled with slow-acting acid, causing 7 (2d6) acid damage per round to anyone (and any items) within the trapped area. Those trapped make all rolls at disadvantage and if remaining in the pools of acid for more than 6 rounds will automatically die and subsequently dissolve.Chest contents:An ancient tome titled Grekian Atlas and Historical Records – Volume 1 (2,854 pages, weighing 55 lbs.). This book contains antediluvian lore (leading to future adventures).Devil Statue:

    Must be destroyed (damage threshold 5, 25 hit points) in order to free the possessed survivors from possession effects, but initial attempts to do so unleash the following creature (based on average party level):Levels 1-2 = Vemix (bearded devil)
    Levels 2-3 = Xaxaxar (cambion)
    Levels 4-5 = YiXia (bone devil)
    Levels 6-7 = Yioaax (ice devil)
    The above devils are simply servants of the devil overlord, still sealed within the statue. If anyone actually destroys the statue, the devil overlord (type up to GM) will be unleashed and begin destroying the temple and everyone inside. 

To get the Pillars of the Planes adventure in PDF and print, subscribe to Mini-Dungeon Monthly at or purchase issue #6 on DriveThruRPG!

Purchase Mini-Dungeon Monthly #6!

Welcome to Aventyr Adventures! A system agnostic series (with some D&D 5e) designed for GMs and players to enjoy the exploration of new lands together. These blog entries are 100% free for you to use along with existing Aventyr Campaign Settingcontent.

Explore and discover Aventyr, an exciting world where nature struggles to survive under the onslaught of so-called civilization, primal warriors summon powerful totems, and ancient secrets in the sky, sea, and depths of the earth wait to be discovered!

Explore Aventyr!

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K’Tarik, Sanctuary of Scattered Souls 

K’Tarik, Sanctuary of Scattered Souls


K’Tarik is an adventure location, based in Aventyr but usable in any game system or setting. 

Savior of the People 

Decisions made, the great battle 

When Lieutenant Waychon of the Chonians disobeyed his captain during the most recent and major battle with Baevonia, he had already signed and served his own exile orders. Waychon’s reasoning in doing so, was to save those under his command and their families, for he knew the battle was over before it began. After fleeing the battle on horseback, protecting survivors, Waychon looked back to see his captain and commanders cut down by the enemy forces; bowing his head, he rode off through a cloud of dust, cast as sapphire motes against the rays of the setting sun.  

K’Tarik, a new home 

After weeks moving from location to location, in search of water and food, Waychon settled here, at K’Tarik, the site of a strange temple and giant-sized gateway built into the side of the Baevonian Mountains. The Chonains have thrived here over the past month or so, building some rudimentary structures, planting gardens, tending crops, and beginning to settle into at least some semblance of their former lives. Of course, things are never easy in the Disputed Territories of Aventyr and an ancient evil stirring in the temple, rumors of orc hordes gathering in the mountains above, and the constant threat of a Baevonian attack all weigh heavily on Waychon and his settler’s hearts.  


p aria-level=”1″>

Location: K’Tarik, Sanctuary of Scattered Souls 

K’Tarik was once the site of a celestial gateway, ages before humans evolved on this planet. Adjacent to the gateway is the Pillar of the Planes, a strange temple and planar powerhouse added by the Grekians during their reign.  

1. The Approach

After sneaking past the ogres in Ogre Valley and traversing a series of caves filled with booby-traps and stealthy Chonian soldiers, one emerges at the base a gentle hillside and a mountainous scene split asunder by a stunning slender waterfall. Grapes and berries grow wild on the hillside. Chonians tending to the vines will flee from any strangers, immediately summoning soldiers to converse with the outsiders.

2. Makeshift Village

The Chonian’s have a few structures which appear to be hastily constructed and only used for daily chores and activities. One building is a stable and is home to horses owned by the former Chonian militiamen. There are almost 200 Chonians here, living both in the Gateway of Antiquity and the Pillars of the Planes locations. In the daytime there are typically 3d10+20 Chonians in area 2 while the rest are in areas 3, 4, and 5

3. Reincarnation Falls

Nicknamed by the Chonians settled here, this magnificent waterfall brings the most valuable commodity of all, clean water. The base of the beautiful waterfall is deceiving, appearing as a shallow pond but it is deeper than any here realize. Most of the water travels straight down a rocky tunnel at the bottom of a pond, while the rest trickles over the edge of the pond and down the hillside. The underwater tunnel leads about 1/8 mile into the Underworld where a tribe of eighty aquatic ahooling use the water to bathe, swim, and hunt. Anyoneother than an ahooling, attempting to engage this settlement will be attacked en mass.

4. Gateway of Antiquity

These gates stand as a testament to time and harken back even before the Grekians settled in this region. No one knows exactly who or what built the gates or what they were used for. Inside is a hall roughly 50 feet wide and 500 feet long, when the hall stops it breaks into a T, with doorways leading into large chambers 20 feet wide and 100 feet long. When the Chonians arrived, there were no ruins, rubble, debris, or any sign that anyone ever lived and dwelt here. Now, the Chonians have set up shop and live here, they even camp and sleep here. Stone gates, 10 feet thick, provide protection for the Chonian settlers throughout the night. The gates are opened in the morning and closed at night by pressing a single button set with an arcane rune.
Those who are perceptive and inquisitive may find a small rune at the T where the great hall dead-ends. Could the rune open a gateway to another plane? Summon whomever lived in these halls? Or perhaps it is trap? Only foolhardy adventurers would dare attempt to find out! 

5. Pillars of the Planes

This location is fully detailed in Mini-Dungeon Monthly #6. This is where the majority of Chonian soliders and priests are holed up. WaychonWo’LanRequn’Ma, and Iu’Opp are the most prominent figures and detailed in the sections ahead.

6. Goat path into the Baevoninan Mountains

Any characters attempting to take this route will be stopped by villagers, if they continue, they will be immediately fired upon by all Chonian soldiers. The goat path is treacherous and only five successful DC 18 Acrobatics (Dexterity) or Strength (Athletics) checks will prevent one from falling, possibly to their death. On up and over the rise, a clear path into the mountains can be found, this way leads directly into orc territory is peppered with bands of orc raiders that are mostly active at night. Those attempting to take this route will eventually gather the attention of the orcs which blow their warhorns, carrying the sound up and into the peaks where hordes of orcs gather and then spill down the mountainside, an unstoppable, riotous mob, of outraged, territorial killers.  

Important Characters 


NG human fighter 4 

Waychon is the leader of this settlement, thrust into the role as soon as he abandoned the Chonian army on the battlefield. The lieutenant-commander of the Chonian army, who is now holed up in Keep Doom, watched that day, as Waychon withdrew and their commander and captain were slain, he has cursed Waychon ever since. Waychon is very much living in the past and knows his actions may have saved many men but also put to death his superiors and their forces. Although he regrets this mistake and thinks of it often, he’s been so busy getting the Chonian settlers safely to a source of food and water that he tends to escape into his work. 
Waychon will not let anyone into this village unless they can prove they have something valuable to offer and are not affiliated with the Baevonians in any way, shape, or form. If he receives word of anyone approaching the village, he will summon his six best warriors, and ride on horseback with full armor and weaponry, bows out and at the ready resting at their side to begin conversing. If conversation is impossible due to differing languages, he summons Wo’Lan to translate.  


LG human fighter 6, venerable (slow spell on self, indefinitely)  

Wo’Lan harkens back to older and greater days gone by when the Chonian civilization was much more prominent in the region and had towns and villages peppering the landscape. In those days, he fought against the orc hordes of the Baevonian mountains, roaming bands of raiding kobolds, and sometimes, the Baevonians themselves though those battles typically resulted in the enemy being driven back up the mountainside and into their strongholds. Back then, there was an alliance with the Klavek Kingdom, which the Chonians kept like a card in their back pocket, calling upon the Klavekian’s might whenever the Baevonians got too bold or brazen. Over the years working side-by-side with the Klavek Kingdom, Wo’Lan learned the Klavekian tongue and thus, serves as Waychon’s translator. 
Once a great warrior, Wo’Lan no longer practices his battle exercises and instead tends to the sick or injured as an aid to the clerics or helps children learn basic chores and farming out in the fields. He has gotten slow in his old age and needs to rest frequently. Even though Wo’Lan has hung up his blade, seemingly for good, he still has some spark left and is quite skilled with his magic Chonian longsword. Magic Chonian blades, once uncommon, now rare, are rumored to function only for those born and raised in the boundaries of former Chonia. 


NE human fighter 3 

An archer, Requn’Ma’s skills are unmatched by any living Chonian. Secretly part of a raiding band, her group attacks travelers on their weekly supply run to/from Lake Chonia.  


LG human cleric  

A cleric of FlaesurosIu’Opp is often found helping others in her community and breathing life back into those who have been injured, either physically or emotionally. 


Threats to K’Tarik 

  • Devil, Pillar of the Planes – Slowly confusing and manipulating Chonians from afar. Seeks to manifest a visit to the prime material plane and take dominance over K’Tarik. 
  • Orc tribes, Baevonian Mountains – Working with a powerful ally to dam up the stream, thereby stopping the waterfall and crushing the ability for the Chonians to survive and provide for themselves. 
  • Ahooling settlement, 1/8 mile below – If the flow of water stops (see Orc tribes), the ahool will emerge and attack in 1d4 days, assuming whomever they encounter is responsible. 
  • Ogres, Ogre Canyon – Ogres typically provide a deterrent to unwanted visitors, but in 1d4 days, an ogre will wander into the caves below K’Tarik and attack the Chonian guards. 
  • BaevoniansBaevonian Mountains – While the Chonians think their location is secret, the Baevonians are watching and waiting for the right moment to strike, after the Chonians have been driven down out of K’Tarik. 

Welcome to Aventyr Adventures! A system agnostic series (with some D&D 5e) designed for GMs and players to enjoy the exploration of new lands together. These blog entries are 100% free for you to use along with existing Aventyr Campaign Setting content.

Explore and discover Aventyr, an exciting world where nature struggles to survive under the onslaught of so-called civilization, primal warriors summon powerful totems, and ancient secrets in the sky, sea, and depths of the earth wait to be discovered!

Explore Aventyr!


Author Jonathan G. Nelson

Cartographer Jared Blando

Artists Ryan Jack Allred, Some artwork © 2015 Dean Spencer, used with permission. All rights reserved. 

Music Kevin MacLeod

Music from
by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (




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Ogre Canyon


A short scenario for four to six characters of levels 2-3, 4-5, or 6-7  

A Starving Family of Four 

The Gukvig tribe, a family of four ogres, are always struggling to keep themselves fed. The once plentiful appropriately-named Ogre Canyon has become more of a death trap as of late.

“Bad Chonian come to live on hill. Eat all good food! Now, we catch Chonian, eat meat off bones!” 

Some of the Chonians, fleeing the Baevonian army, came to live above the canyon at the ancient site of K’Tarik. With the expertise of the Chonian archers, most of the game in the area is being tracked and killed, leaving little for the ogres.  

Maps of Ogre Canyon

Want these maps in 3D cutscenes and living, breathing maps with effects and sound? Subscribe to TPK3D’s Patreon and wow your players!

  1. Entrance to Ogre Canyon
  2. Natural hidden passage leading to K’Tarik (Chonian village)
  3. Ogre camp

What’s the Plan? 

Ogres are not well known for their intelligence, but Wort (Int 9), the father of his tribe of four, has come up with a plan. Using treasure garnered from dead raiders, the ogres have bribed a group of kobolds who are now hiding near the entrance to the canyon (area 1). The kobolds watch for groups of Chonians or wandering humanoids and have set numerous traps. There is a cumulative 10% chance that every 5’ traveled into the canyon, a trap of one type or another will be encountered. The traps stop after traveling roughly 100′ toward the ogres. 

Engage the Enemy!

Once a trap has been triggered, 1d4+2 kobolds will begin to fire bows at the party from strategic locations. The kobold trapsmith (Dex 18) just drank a potion of speed and will run up to a character, attempt to steal something easy, and flee into the canyon with the character’s possession. The other kobolds cover the trapsmith then each other as they flee one-by-one.  

The ogres lie in wait, hiding behind massive boulders, waiting for their prey to be drawn in by the kobolds. As soon as the prey is within 30’ the first ogre is too hungry to wait and bursts up screaming in hunger, charging the characters.  

For characters level 2-3: 1 ogre, 1 kobold trapsmith
For characters level 4-5: 1 ogre, 1 kobold trapsmith, 2d4+2 kobolds
For characters level 6-7: 4 ogres, 1 kobold trapsmith, 2d4+2 kobolds 

Important Characters 



Ogre (Int 9)
Leader of the Gukvig tribe and the father of Weet and Dubda, mate of Yolk. 



Ogre (Con 17)
True leader of the Gukvik tribe and mother of Weet and Dubda, mate of Wort.  



Ogre (Str 20)
A wild ogre who enjoys throwing small boulders around the canyon, her strength sometimes gets her into trouble.  



Ogre (Cha 9)
A confused young ogre, Dubda knows how to get what he wants by charming his mother.  


Yebbit the Trapsmith

Kobold Trapsmith (Dex 18)
A daring trapsmith and thief, Yebbit is well knownnotorious in factto the innkeeper and some patrons of the Wayward Inn 



Hailing from the hills to the north of Lake Chonia, these kobolds have ventured far from home to make a little coin. 



The ogres gave most of their treasure to the kobolds who stashed it in a hole under a rock only they can find. If they can be convinced to reveal the location of their stash the characters will find 1d4X10 gp, 1d6x10 sp, and 2d20x10 cp and a potion of healing — healing, greater healing, or superior healing depending upon the difficulty of the encounter.  



If the adventurers killed all the ogres, they make the area less dangerous overall but more inviting to Baevonian troops or orcs from the mountains, thereby further compromising the Chonians position at K’Tarik 

If some of the ogres are still alive, they continue to threaten travelers, including those who may be bound for the Chonian’s makeshift village at K’Tarik. The Chonians know how to avoid the ogres and actually appreciate their unintentional protection.  

There is a 50% chance the conflict in Ogre Valley causes one of these ogres (or their friends) to invade the caves leading to K’Tarik, where they kill and eat many Chonian soldiers. 


Welcome to Aventyr Adventures! A system agnostic series (with some D&D 5e) designed for GMs and players to enjoy the exploration of new lands together. These blog entries are 100% free for you to use along with existing Aventyr Campaign Setting content.

Explore and discover Aventyr, an exciting world where nature struggles to survive under the onslaught of so-called civilization, primal warriors summon powerful totems, and ancient secrets in the sky, sea, and depths of the earth wait to be discovered!

Explore Aventyr!



Author Jonathan G. Nelson

Cartographers TPK3D, Jared Blando

Art © 2015 Dean Spencer, used with permission. All rights reserved. 

Music Kevin MacLeod

Music from
by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (

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Ruins of Wo’Mataja

Ruins of Wo’Mataja
An Aventyr Adventure for 4-6 characters of levels 2-3
Jonathan G. Nelson

Wo’Mataja was once a flourishing Chonian village in the foothills of the Baevonian Mountains but was destroyed and subsequently abandoned many years ago. No one knows the initial cause of the destruction but it is surmised that either orc hordes or Baevoninan troops from the mountains laid waste to the once peaceful village.  

Day or Night?

It is important to discern whether the party reaches Wo’Mataja during the day or at night due to the various combatants within and their chance of hearing or spotting the party (and vice versa) as the adventurers progress through the ruins. Orcs have darkvision and are at a considerable advantage at night but detest the daylight and prefer to sleep during those hours.  


Orc Raiders

Orc raiders, preying on nomads traveling to and from Lake Chonia, have holed up in Wo’Mataja to weather the impending sandstorm.  

If the adventurers are spotted, an orc will blow a warhorn in an attempt to summon all orcs in the area to battle. The sandstorm prevents auditory effects from traveling far and there is only 30% chance that any orc group hears the call and can actually tell what direction it is coming from. 

Sandstorm Sickness

A sandstorm is bearing down on the village ruins and will arrive soon. Details are listed in the Area 1. description.
Note: Levels of sickness are cumulative and require 1 full rest per level to remove. 

Level of Sickness Physical/Mental Effects Penalties incurred 
1 Irritation to eyes and nose Visibility reduced by 20’, Perception checks at disadvantage 
2 Runny nose, minor cough Physical ability checks made with disadvantage 
3 Stuffed nose, major cough All ability checks made with disadvantage. Easily distracted, cannot concentrate on any one action for more than 1d4 rounds. 
4 Major irritation to eyes, ears, nose, mouth. Cough worsens and produces blood. Any actions other than finding shelter from the storm are performed with disadvantage. Loss of ¼ hp. 
5 Acute asthma attack Movement is halved. Loss of ½ hp. Character must succeed at a DC 15 Constitution save or go into respiratory distress. Characters in this state must be removed from the sandstorm with 1d4+2 rounds or fall to 0 hp and begin making death saves as if bleeding out. Anyone reaching this state permanently incurs the asthmatic character flaw 
6 Headache, Body ache, depression, sleep disturbances Rolls of any kind must be made at disadvantage. HP reduced to 1. Sleep can only be achieved with a successful DC 16 Constitution save. 


7 Psychological disturbances When attempting any form of rest, character must make a successful DC 18 Intelligence save or act as if under the effects of confusion for 2d4+4 rounds. 

If no rest is achieved within 1d4+1 days, the character will die. 


1. Impending Sandstorm

A storm is bearing down on Wo’Mataja and with it comes dust, sand, and debris, pulled from the parched soil of the Lake Chonian scrub plains. In 4d4+4 rounds, characters caught outside, in the open, must succeed at a DC 12 Constitution save or receive 1 level of sandstorm sickness. For every 1d4+1 rounds exposed to the storm, the save DC increases by 1 and the character(s) must roll again. Characters wearing a thick cloth over their noses and mouths receive an additional 2d4 rounds before making saves. Adventurers who are Chonian make these saves with advantage 

2. Partial Cover from the Storm

Tucking back between these ruined buildings provides adequate cover from the storm for 2d4 rounds. There is a cumulative 25% chance per round the orcs in Area 3 spot the adventurers and sound their warhorn before attacking. One of the four orcs in Area 8 has a 10% chance of wandering far enough to spot one of the characters (passive Perception 10).  

3. Celebratory Crate Crushing

Four orcs celebrate a recent raid on the Chonians by having a bonfire and digging through a number of crates to see what spoils they find. After crates are emptied, the orcs crush them and toss them into the fire. They are being so loud, there’s only a 10% cumulative chance per round the adventurers are seen or heard (unless being overtly loud or otherwise obvious). If the characters are spotted, three of the orcs attack immediately while the fourth sounds her warhorn

Crate Contents

Roll 1d6 Contents 
1 Bolt of cloth 
2 Shoes or clothing (GM’s choice) 
3 Random weapon 
4 Random armor 
5 Rations (2d4+2 days) 
6 Preserved food: pickles, smoked fish/meat, etc. 

Any character succeeding on a DC 18 Wisdom (Perception) check spots something strange at the bottom of one of the crates, a subsequent successful DC 16 Intelligence (Investigation) check reveals a hidden compartment containing a ring of the nomad.


p style=”text-align: left;”>

Ring of the Nomad

Ring, uncommon 

While wearing this ring, you are immune to all sandstorm effects. Camels and Chonian horses you encounter are affected as if you cast the animal friendship spell.  

4. Death by Dice

If nighttime, two orcs rest against a wall here, 50% chance playing dice and talking loudly, 50% chance asleep. If daytime, these orcs are in Area 6, guarding the priestess.  

5. Rabble in the Rubble

If nighttime, an orcish archer (DEX 16, longbow +5 to hit) hides (Stealth 14) behind a small pile of rubble, keeping watch to the east. She will surprise sneak attack the first non-orc she sees then sound her warhorn as a bonus action, automatically drawing the attention of the orcs in Areas 4, 6. 
If daytime, she sleeps alongside the priestess in Area 6 

6. Sacrificial Offerings

If nighttime, a black sun priestess performs an ancient ritual in this room, sacrificing a Chonian nomad she found on the way in. His blood spills across the floor as she chants and prays to her heinous deity. If a warhorn is sounded in Areas 4, 5 she will finish her ritual (1d4+3 rounds), then respond to the call. If the ritual is completed, the black sun priestess receives advantage on her first two actions. If characters approach the orc priestess in Area 6, and she hears them (passive Perception 12), she will stop the ritual and turn to attack. 
If daytime, the priestess and archer are asleep in this room but the two orcs from Area 4 are here, keeping watch over them. 

7. Debris of Days Past

This room is littered with debris of all types: broken beds, tables, and chairs, shattered oil lamps, rotted paper and clothing, and many other items one would find in a Chonian home. There is a 5% chance, when searching with a successful DC 20 Investigation (Intelligence) checkthat one will find a useful item.

Treasure Found

Roll 1d6 Item found 
1 Beaded necklace worth 150 gp 
2 Golden horsehead ring worth 200 gp 
3 A small vial of deadly poison (1 dose, DC 14 Constitution save or reduced to 0 hp by poison damage). 
4 Map of Chonia  
5 Grekian Runestone from Lake Chonia 
6 Grekian treasure 


8. Waterless Well

This massive well once tapped into an Underworld river but the river has since shifted paths, causing this well to run dry, bringing about the end of Wo’Mataja. Now, strange creatures of the Underworld such as ahoolingdvergrdrow and svirfneblin can be found down this deep hole into the depths of the earth. There is a 20% chance two giant bats and three swarms of bats will emerge from this hole and attack anyone (including orcs) within the vicinity. 
Four orcs take cover from the sandstorm behind the right side of this massive dry well. If the adventurers approach within 25 ft of the orcs’ location, there is a chance they are spotted (25% daytime/75% nighttime). 

9. Sandstorm Exposure

Moving into this area exposes characters to the full onslaught of the sandstorm as detailed previously. 

10. Stables

These stables are in surprisingly good shape and currently protect two camels and four riding horses from the sandstorm. There are many saddles and riding accoutrements here, one of which is a Chonian riding saddle.

Chonian Riding Saddle

wondrous item, uncommon

When riding a horse with this saddle your overland travel speed is doubled. 

Once per day, for 1d4+1 rounds, you may double your movement and make attacks from horseback with advantage. 

11. Mold

This room is full of mold-covered debris which erupt if touched. Characters must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution save every round or suffer 1d4 damage per round for 2d4+4 rounds or until they leave the structure. With a successful DC 20 Wisdom (Perception) check a strange looking amulet is spotted amongst the debris, it can be recovered with a successful DC 10 Strength (Athletics) check to move debris (which triggers more mold spores). The amulet is magical (but the magic is fading) and when worn grants the wearer 10 temporary HP (but only once).  

12. Hints at History

This structure, surprisingly, has remained mostly untouched over the years. A bed is in one corner, now home to a rat swarm. A small food preparation area has enough preserved food to feed two people for a day. There is a desk in another corner with one drawer containing ink, a quill, some papyrus, and a journal written by a Chonian named Woy’Chan
Woy’Chan’s journal details the history of the Chonians that once lived here and reveals the dry well as the reason for the abandonment of the settlement. It also describes the potential threat of orc hordes and Baevonians but contains no mention of actual encounters. The desk also contains small silver Chonian wedding ring decorated with horses and arrows and set with a small, rare red ruby worth 100 gp or 200-500 to a Chonian.   

13. Web-covered Warehouse

This was once a large warehouse used for storing crates, barrels, and other containers capable of holding preserved food. Most of the food has been pilfered away. Two giant spiders and a giant wolf spider are using the lure of the remaining foodstuffs to capture hapless victims who now hang, upside down, as emaciated corpses, from the webs above. The spiders will creep about in the shadows, waiting for the optimal opportunity to strike from behind (or above).  

14. Statue of the Ancients

A massive, 20-foot-tall stone statue depicting a bucking stallion and tribal warrior stands here. It has been worn down over the years and large chunks of the stone now lay at the foot of the once-great monument to an ancient hero or long-since-dead deity. Some writing at the base says Although lower than a fence and thinner than a rail, it can still be used to hold a horse, hooves mane and tail” in Chonian. Those who answer with “stake” or another answer deemed suitable by the GM to the riddle are granted the following boons: immunity to the sandstorm for 24 hours, the ability to go without eating or drinking for 72 hours. 

15. Base of the Baevonian Mountains

Climbing these dangerous cliffs requires three successful DC 16 Strength (Athletics) checks. If the first check fails, the character falls for 1d6 bludgeoning damage, the second 2d6, the third 3d6. Once to a stable landing, the climber will notice the branches of nearby trees, growing out of the cliffside, moving. This is a treant named Meewin who has lived here for over 300 years and has knowledge in the form of bits and pieces of what once happened here in the Chonian village of Wo’MatajaMeewin seeks only to keep to himself but will attack anyone harming him or any of the plants living along this cliff and mountainside within a 1-mile-stretch originating from this point.  

Welcome to Aventyr Adventures! A system agnostic series (with some D&D 5e) designed for GMs and players to enjoy the exploration of new lands together. These blog entries are 100% free for you to use along with existing Aventyr Campaign Setting content.

Explore and discover Aventyr, an exciting world where nature struggles to survive under the onslaught of so-called civilization, primal warriors summon powerful totems, and ancient secrets in the sky, sea, and depths of the earth wait to be discovered!

Explore Aventyr!



Author Jonathan G. Nelson

Cartographer Justin Andrew Mason, Jared Blando

Artists Jacob Blackmon, Mates Laurentiu. Malcolm McClinton, Some artwork © 2015 Dean Spencer, used with permission. All rights reserved. 

Music Kevin MacLeod

Music from
by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (

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The Chonians & Baevonians


The Chonians

Typical alignments NG, CG, N
Common Backgrounds Folk Hero, Hermit, Outlander
Basic Appearance Tan skin, brown and black hair worn long, almond eyes, toned muscles, wearing leather clothing and carrying hides on horseback yet also dressed with enough fineries to allude to ancient roots in civilization.

The horse-riding Chonians have long been nomadic warrior-archers, traveling from one place to another due to the dangerous and chaotic nature of the world in which they live. Many times, the Chonians have settled between the mountains and Lake Chonia, even giving these lands their name, but time and time again, the Baevonians marched down from their mountain strongholds to wage war and destroy everything the Chonians had built up over the years.

If attacks and war with Baevonia weren’t enough, the Chonians have the orcs to contend with, not just a few, or even a few hundred, but thousands of orcs which stream like rivers of bloodshed from the mountains and envelope the land in a cacophony of bent blades, rusty axes, and heads of enemies on pikes.

The Chonians only wish is to create permanent settlements for their people so they might practice the natural way of plains life like their tribal ancestors once did.

Unfortunately, some of the Chonian people would rather ride their mounts off into the dusty sunset, raiding and pillaging Baevonian traders and anyone who might have something of value or something to eat. These “bad seeds” frequently draw the attention of the Baevonian military which marches down out of the mountains to crush anyone responsible or harboring these criminals.

The Baevonians

Typical alignments LE, LN, LG
Common Backgrounds Acolyte, Soldier, Variant Criminal: Spy (within context of the law)
Basic Appearance Black hair cut short and covered by helm, dark eyes heavy with ages of war. A muscular and heavily-scarred body covered in finely made, heavy plate armor from head to toe, holding an ancient family blade in one hand, a shield with Baevonian crest in the other.

The mountain stronghold dwelling Baevonians, laden with heavy armor and weapons, protected by stone and steel, guard the lands of former Chonia with their lives, holding back the forces of evil and the tide of darkness that would otherwise wash over the known land.

Driven by a passion for lawfulness, the Baevonians seek order in all things, no matter the cost. Known to forge questionable alliances and dark deals just to hold their position in the world, forcing order upon others is not just expected, but required.

Punishment for breaking the law in Baevonian society is more than just what the local magistrate may deal out as a sentence, the guilty individual will be shunned from society to such an extent they typically commit ceremonial ritualistic suicide to appease the Axiomatic General or willingly take a position in the front lines in any major assault, hoping to either prove themselves or die trying.

Welcome to Aventyr Adventures! A system agnostic series (with some D&D 5e) designed for GMs and players to enjoy the exploration of new lands together. These blog entries are 100% free for you to use along with existing Aventyr Campaign Setting content.

Explore and discover Aventyr, an exciting world where nature struggles to survive under the onslaught of so-called civilization, primal warriors summon powerful totems, and ancient secrets in the sky, sea, and depths of the earth wait to be discovered!

Explore Aventyr!

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Lake Chonia and the Grekian Ruins & Former Chonia: Rocky Badlands and Scrub Plains

Lake Chonia & Grekian Ruins

An adventure location based in the Aventyr campaign setting but usable in any game system or setting.

Lake Chonia

Lake Chonia, in Aventyr, was once the site of a Grekia, a thriving, desert metropolis populated by great artisans and architects, poets and linguists, mages and sages, mathematicians and theologians.  

One day, a great rain came to the desert, a rain which lasted for 92 suns and 92 dark moons. It flowed through the mountains, the canyons, and eventually, even the dry desert filled with the gathering rains. 

At the lowest point of the Chonian Desert, in an ancient elongated-graze impact crater, the water pooled, first a puddle, then a pond, and eventually, after weeks of deluge where “air became rare and water fell like rivers from the sky”, Lake Chonia, was formed. And under the natural force of these otherworldly rains, the great knowledge, culture, and peoples of Grekia, were lost. Some say, it was the will of the gods, but for what purpose or punishment, it is unknown. 

Welcome to Aventyr Adventures! A system agnostic series (with some D&D 5e) designed for GMs and players to enjoy the exploration of new lands together. These blog entries are 100% free for you to use along with existing Aventyr Campaign Setting content.

Explore and discover Aventyr, an exciting world where nature struggles to survive under the onslaught of so-called civilization, primal warriors summon powerful totems, and ancient secrets in the sky, sea, and depths of the earth wait to be discovered!

Explore Aventyr!

Over the centuries, with ever-increasing warmer regional temperatures, Lake Chonia began to shrink in size. 

The land itself has grown warmer, due to the Shard of the Sun’s increased proximity to Aventyr. 

Present-day Lake Chonia has mostly dried up and is a but a remnant of her former self. 

With the receding waters, the Ruins of Grekia have begun to reveal themselves and their grand treasures, granting adventurers and explorers the chance to glimpse and thieve away whatever is left of the once-great civilization. Would-be-treasure-hunters beware! There are more than just treasures and knowledge-laced tomes hidden in these ruins, for there are ancient evils, undead spirits, and Grekian experiments which broke free after the fall of Grekia and now roam the underground ruins and deep waters.  

Rocky Badlands & Scrub Plains

Traveling through the dry, rocky badlands and scrub plains around Lake Chonia is a dangerous task in and of itself. There are deadly creatures, horrifying monsters, and brazen bandits, and if those don’t kill a traveler, the lack of food and water will. In the rocky badlands near the mountains are additional hazards, including small rocky cliffs, canyons, deadfalls, and more. The majority of the scrub plains are relatively flat, although some geographical and humanoid-made hazards do exist. 

Rocky Badlands & Scrub Plains theme music

Rocky Badlands & Scrub Plains sound effects

Hunger & Thirst

Drought and famine have struck former Chonia hard this year, due in part to the proximity of the Shard of the Sun (a fragment of the sun), circling the planet on a much tighter orbit. In addition, the cost to proxies of the gods to channel energy to this desolate area is too much and thus, once per week, a suitable spellcaster may only request a small amount of food and water. 


Create Food and Water (within former Chonia) 

Note: A spellcaster may only attempt this spell once per week whilst in this region. 

DURATION Instantaneous
SCHOOL Conjuration

You create 9 pounds of food (rations) and 9 gallons of water on the ground or in containers within range, enough to sustain one humanoid for 1 week or seven humanoids for 1 day. The food is bland but nourishing and can be kept, without spoiling, for a period of 14 days. The water is clean and doesn’t go bad. 


Finding Natural Sources of Water

Water is scarce and difficult to find in Former Chonia. By roaming a 2d4+2 mile radius, for 1d2+1 days, and with a successful DC 20 Wisdom (Survival) check, one can find a spring to rehydrate and replenish waterskins. There are only four such springs to find in the natural desert valley framing Lake Chonia.  


Food & Water Requirements


PCs need one pound of food per day

PCs can make food last longer by eating half as much, which counts as half a day without eating

PCs can go 3 + Constitution modifier days without food, after which doing a day without eating causes an automatic level of exhaustion

A normal day of eating resets the count of days without food to zero 


PCs need one gallon of water per day, two if the weather is hot

PCs that drink only half the required amount must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or suffer a level of exhaustion each day

PCs that drink less than half automatically suffer a level of exhaustion

If the character already has one or more levels of exhaustion, the character takes two levels in either case 



Some Special Abilities and environmental Hazards, such as starvation and the long-­term Effects of freezing or scorching temperatures, can lead to a Special condition called exhaustion. Exhaustion is measured in six levels. An effect can give a creature one or more levels of exhaustion, as specified in the effect’s description. 


Exhaustion Effects 

Level / Effect 

1 / Disadvantage on Ability Checks 

2 / Speed halved 

3 / Disadvantage on Attack rolls and Saving Throws 

4 / Hit point maximum halved 

5 / Speed reduced to 0 

6 / Death 

If an already exhausted creature suffers another effect that causes exhaustion, its current level of exhaustion increases by the amount specified in the effect’s description. 

A creature suffers the effect of its current level of exhaustion as well as all lower levels. For example, a creature suffering level 2 exhaustion has its speed halved and has disadvantage on Ability Checks.  

An effect that removes exhaustion reduces its level as specified in the effect’s description, with all exhaustion Effects ending if a creature’s exhaustion level is reduced below 1. 

Finishing a Long Rest reduces a creature’s exhaustion level by 1, provided that the creature has also ingested some food and drink. 

Random Encounter Table: Rocky Badlands of Former Chonia

Random Encounter Table
Rocky Badlands & Scrub Plains of Former Chonia
D&D 5th Edition, levels 1-4* 



Creature(s) Additional Information 
01-14 2d4 vultures Circle during the day and investigate the party and their equipment at night (1d2 items lost or 1d2 damage suffered per day/night) before they flee but continue to follow at a distance, harassing the adventurers. 
15-24 3d4 Black Tooth Raiders (Chonian bandits) There is a 45% chance these Chonian bandits are on riding horses. 50% chance one of the bandits wields a Chonian Longsword +1 (worth 750 gp). 
25-34 scout (Chonian) Watches the party for 1d100 minutes in fairly close proximity then withdraws to a distance of ¼ mile to watch for another 2d100 minutes then withdraws into Ogre Canyon. 
35-44 4d4 kobolds This group of kobolds only attack the party if they can get a jump on them. If not, they follow from a distance, waiting for a good opportunity to steal from, kill, or capture party members. 
45-54 lamia This lamia, named Swewolt, will attempt to convince the party he is here to assist them as a guide (Persuasion +5). Once he guides them to a cave (preferably on the second night of travel), he will attempt to surprise the group by attacking them while they sleep (and he keeps watch). He uses Intoxicating Touch on each member of the party, one-by-one, in an attempt to throw off their balance in combat. 
55-64 1d3 half-ogres RexalDexal, and Mexal are half-ogre triplets who roam the desert, abandoned by their ogre parents now living in Ogre Canyon. If a 1 is rolled on number appearing, Rexal spots the party from afar and runs off, seeking his two twin brothers 30% chance to find Dexal or Mexal, 20% chance to find both.  
65-74 Black Tooth Raider bandit captain and 4d6 bandits (Chonians) Chonians who have fallen on hard times sometimes become raiders, taking anything they can from others in order to survive or help their families survive. Not all who raid are evil, many do this simply out of necessity to survive and 60% of this group are just such a type with 30% of those “on the fence” about this lifestyle, who can be convinced with a DC 14 Charisma (Persuasion) check to cease attacking the party. 
If this succeeds, and the party shares some food or water, there’s even the chance these individuals may invite the characters to the makeshift Chonian village of K’Tarik just above Ogre Canyon. If this occurs, the bandit captain and other raiders turn on their friend(s), attempting to kill them to prevent the location of their village being revealed (especially since there is a major water source located there).  
75-79 ogre This ogre hails from Ogre Canyon and has traveled out into the lowlands in search of food, it has tired of the flavor of hiding Chonians and roaming orcs, it wants something juicier, perhaps near Lake Chonia there will be fat prey.  
80-84 1d6+3 gnolls A band of warriors from a tribe known as De’We Welgo’ao-on which translates, in Klavekian, to the Dogs of the Wild or “Wild Dogs”. They frequently dare one another to do brazen things such as sneaking into a camp of sleeping humanoids and stealing all their weapons or setting tents on fire before fleeing and attacking with ranged weapons, taunting their prey to come out and into the night. 


1d2 swarm of insects These swarms pepper the area directly around Lake Chonia but sometimes work their way out to more remote regions, following the migration of overland mammals. 


1d6+1 giant lizards These lizards appear without warning, running fast and haphazardly across the rough terrain. They leap through the air to attack as they run, continuing on past the group then returning randomly to do similar attacks over the next 1d4+1 hours or until slain. 


2d6 commoners and 2d4 riding horses (Chonians) A group of Chonians are on their way to K’Tarik, a secret makeshift Chonian village built after the Baevonians decimated their forces in open combat on these very plains. With a successful DC 18 Charisma (Persuasion) check, the party can convince the Chonians to take them along. K’Tarik is near Ogre Canyon, a dangerous place, but with the Chonians leading, the group makes good time and may even make it there safely. According to the Chonians, the village has a source of fresh water. 
97-98 mummy  Slow-moving and wandering the wastes, this mummy originated in a tomb built into the side of the nearby mountain range. A group of Chonian raiders disturbed the tomb and the mummy emerged, to the horror of the fleeing raiders. The mummy wanders, searching those who disturbed its slumber and killing anyone in its path.  
99 Druid of Chonian Badlands The Druid of the Chonian Badlands approaches the adventurers in hopes they will assist her in healing the lake via a quest for a wondrous magic item, a decanter of endless water. One is rumored to be on a dead explorer who perished deep in an orc cave in the mountains where hundreds or possibly thousands of orcs live and roam. The quest is very dangerous and she will do whatever she can to help make it a success including guiding them to Lake Chonia and even possibly accompanying them for a time.  
00 Undead spirit (wight) from the Ruins of Grekia This spirit is LN and is confused, thinking Grekia still exists. She will try and communicate in her language, reaching out to touch a character then accidentally causing Life Drain (1d6+2 Necrotic damage) to occur. It will continue to follow the group and touch them until slain. 

*For higher levels, or as needed, use the Desert Encounters tables in XGtE. 


Location: Lake Chonia

Image by TPK3D, creator of animated battle maps and exciting cutscenes.

With the lack of water, Lake Chonia has become the obvious destination for the majority of animals, monsters, and humanoids dwelling in this region. That also makes the lake a choice place for bandits and raiders to ambush travelers or would-be-treasure-hunters looking to delve into the Ruins of Grekia. 

Lake Chonia theme music

Lake Chonia sound effects


Random Encounter Table: Lake Chonia (Shore & Underwater)

Random Encounter Table
Lake Chonia (Shore & Underwater)
D&D 5th Edition, levels 1-4* 


d100 Creatures Additional Information 
01-10 1d6 crocodiles Hungry crocs surface, one at a time, to observe potential meals, waiting until someone wanders close to or into the water before they strike from the murky depths below. 
11-20 1d4 giant toads Preferring to emerge at night, these fat fellows leap from water to shore to snatch a meal and then back again to drag mammals (sometimes humanoids) underwater and drown them before they are consumed. If at night, a strange chorus of deep croaks sing some weaker-willed humanoids to sleep.  
21-30 merfolk A merfolk, who arrived here using a gate to the ocean, asks for the party’s help: Mini-Dungeon issue #5, use adventure Chaos & Corruption in the Briny Depths. The merfolk carries a small crystal as the gatekey to trigger the same portal the dragon eel Devnarinath seeks to use to return to the oceans of Aventyr (see last entry).  
31-40 1d2 plesiosaurus These mated large beasts roam the waters of Lake Chonia, brought here via the same gate as the great dragon eel, Devnarinath (see last entry). They hunt for prey below the waters and only surface to observe potential prey on the shore then submerge in wait.  
41-50 1d6+1 sahaughin  A tribe of sahaughin live in the ruins beneath the waters of the lake. Those foolhardy enough to venture into the ruins will certainly encounter more of the tribe, now numbering well over 200. These scouts observe the party then report back to their base, bringing 1d4+1 additional sahaughin upon their return (if not spotted/stopped).  
51-60 sea hags and giant toads  A sea hag riding upon a giant toad with his sister not far behind, this wretched old woman, named Mayanonthorn Twellbanath, seeks to make a party member swoon and drag them under the water with her. She will approach the party, preferably at night, using Illusory Appearance to appear as a young woman, a spirit of Grekia who is lost and looking to return home. She says she is “the keeper of a great treasure, lost beneath the water” in an attempt to lure greedy fools into the lake. If that fails, she uses Horrific Appearance followed by Death Glare on a character before dragging them under the water and deep into the Ruins of Grekia where their heart, eyes, and pituitary gland are consumed by the witch, the remains given to her two giant toad allies.  
61-70 1d4 swarms of quippers These voracious fish swarm prey so rapidly, within a few minutes only gnawed bones are left floating in the water. A ring of protection is found in the belly of one of the fishes (3% chance to locate if fish are butchered, 55% chance if all are eaten). 
71-80 1d6 bone crabs The skulls of ancient Grekians are used as shells by these strange crabs who carry a disease known as the White Ghost Shivers. There is a 10% chance per round the crabs will use Hive Mind to call another 1d2 bone crabs which arrive in 1d4 rounds.  
81-90 2d8+2 garroter crabs These crabs like to rush attack a group using Whip-Claw to grapple their opponents. Sometimes other, larger enemies follow a cast of garroter crabs, waiting from afar for potential prey to be grappled before moving in to steal the kill.  
91-95 1d4 glass gators Glass gators like to hide, nearly invisible, just beneath the surface of the water, remaining motionless until unsuspecting prey either dips into the water or dives in which is when the gator strikes using Lunge or Standing Leap. If either fail, the glass gator uses Silt Cloud to hide, change location, and try again.  
96-99 drowned maiden Note: Deadly encounter for characters levels 1-4. 

This woman was murdered long after the fall of Grekia, she was betrayed by her lover, and during a quarrel, attempted suicide, but her lover dragged her back to shore only to shove a dagger into her throat and toss her corpse to the crocodiles in Lake Chonia. The corpse was gnawed on a bit, but got caught in some debris and sunk under the Ruins of Grekia until it sprung to undeath and has been haunting these shores and waters ever since. The drowned maiden uses Reel to draw characters to her then uses Kiss, then attempts to pull them underwater.  

00 dragon eel Note: Deadly encounter, certain death for characters levels 1-4. 

The powerful dragon eel Devnarinath dwells in the deepest, darkest part of Lake Chonia. As the water of the lake continues to evaporate, the dragon eel has attempted the triggering of an ancient gateway, hidden deep underwater in the Ruins of Grekia, which leads to a location in the sea on AventyrDevnarinath got here via this gateway around 150 years ago and hasn’t cared to return until the lake started to shrink. If he can’t get the gateway to work, he waits for a storm where he can use Storm Glide to leave the area and head to the nearest source of stable water. Devnarinath kills anyone interfering with his quest to reactivate the gate. He may form a temporary alliance with someone offering to help (so long as they are truly sincere).  

*For higher levels, or as needed, use the Desert and/or Underwater Encounters tables in XGtE. 


Location: Ruins of Grekia

The Ruins of Grekia are 90% underwater, the small amount above water are mostly looted. Those who dive underwater or can subsist without oxygen for long periods of time may explore the full extent of the ruins, which are rumored to contain vast treasures including many priceless works of art, books and tablets with great amounts of lore, and the fabled Grekian Runestones which contain magic and were worn by nearly all who once lived here. Of course, there are also tales of powerful and dangerous beasts beneath these waters, some which have only been seen here, in Lake Chonia.  

Grekian Ruins theme music

Grekian Ruins – swimming sound effect

Grekian Ruins – swimming underwater sound effect

Grekian Ruins – air bubbles underwater sound effect


Lake Chonia, Grekian Ruins battle maps are usable in virtual tabletops or using real miniatures on a 40″ monitor laid flat on the table.
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Grekia Ruins Table

Event Table for Exploring Grekian Ruins in Lake Chonia.
D&D 5th Edition, levels 1-4* 

Searching the Ruins: Characters must roll a successful DC 16 Wisdom (Perception) check followed by a successful DC 18 Intelligence (Investigation) check in order to discover something unique in the ruins. If these checks are both successful, roll on this table. Reroll duplicate results, create your own treasures if most of these have been used and the party still wants to explore. For every 1d4x10 minutes exploring the ruins there is a cumulative 10% chance of an encounter.  

d12 Discovery Additional Information 
1 An old book Sopping wet but with some legible pages. This book helps linguists understand the connection between the Chonian and Baevonian tongues to ancient Grekian. Worth between 1,000-3,000 gp. 
2 Piece of twisted metal Designed by a great metal-smith and artisan, this supposed “piece of junk” is worth over 2,000 gp. 
3 An exquisite painting This magically preserved painting was created by K’Eixex, the famous Grekian impressionist who was an outcast of his time. The painting is of some of the buildings which are now ruins, with people outside, dining, dancing, laughing, and enjoying a vibrant, civilized, and artistic community. The painting is worth 1 gp in many parts of Aventyr but if sold to a select group of collectors in the Klavek Kingdom’s capital of Mohkba, one could make between 10,000-25,000 gp.   
4 A magic orb Swirling bits of debris wildly scrape at the inside of this glass orb. This is a storm, magically captured and sealed within the orb. If one breaks this, a massive windstorm will emerge and cover a 1d2+1 mile radius with winds increasing up to a sustained 50 MPH with 80-100 MPH gusts. Debris will become airborne, including sand and dust, making visibility minimal (eventually nil) and suffocating anyone caught out in the open for more than 1 hour. Worth between 10,000-20,000 gp to the right buyer. 
5 A painters’ set complete with small containers of paint and brushes Worth between 10-50 gp locally and 1,000-2,500 to collectors in MohkbaKlavek Kingdom (see entry 3, above). 
6 Circular stone with an engraved rune A fabled Grekian Runestone has been found! Roll on the Rune Table. 


7 A set of four unique platinum horseshoes This set of platinum, rune-covered horseshoes are indestructible, never need to be changed, and don’t bother the horse at all when applied/removed by a professional farrier. These magical horseshoes increase a horse’s movement by 20 ft. per round and also amplify endurance and speed allowing a horse to travel at .5x the standard rate in overland movement. Worth 5,000-10,000 gp. 
8 A mathematical device A series of strange instruments that rely on water to operate and measure numbers in drops of water, this device can help anyone attempting complex equations figure them out in half the time. This device is worth 1d4x1000 gp. 
9 A strange gemstone with little lights inside This gemstone contains motes of three Grekian’s souls. The souls were captured prior to them returning to the realm of the gods. This power was once utilized to grant inspiration to artists or creators and can be burned off one at a time by applying the gem to one’s forehead after which one may attempt to create something gaining advantage and also making the creation x5 times as fast or x5 the amount (with GM’s discretion). Worth 500 gp or 15,000 to someone who knows what this truly is.  
10 A book of scientific theories Whenever someone reads this book there is a 5% cumulative chance one will learn something unique about the world and its properties that very few people actually know. Worth 1,000 gp. 
11 A pair of metal ears These ears slip over human-sized ears and allow an individual to comprehend any language for 1d4x10 minutes per day with absolute clarity and understanding. They do not allow one to speak the language. Worth 1,000-2,000 gp. 
12 Circular stone with an engraved rune A fabled Grekian Runestone has been found! Roll on the Rune Table. 



Grekian Runestone Table

Whenever one of the Grekian’s fabled Runestones are found, roll on this table.  

All Grekian Runestones attune to their users immediately and cannot be removed by any known means (sans death).  

Limited Lifespan: Have a player roll d% dice upon picking up a Runestone (reroll anything 90+). The percentage rolled becomes the percentage chance it will work once per day although the user may not control how or when the stone is activated. The magic in these ancient stones is slowly fading and every year which passes reduces the chance it will work per day by another 10% until it won’t work at all and the glow, and magic, fades. 

1d10 Rune Name Color of Glow Effects 
1 Kek’yar Yellow As if the heat of the afternoon sun itself was captured, this increases one’s overall body temperature by 1d4 degrees F for 1d4 hours. In current conditions, this will overheat the individual but in a colder clime, will prove very useful.  
2 Eiu Green Each step causes plants to grow or existing vegetation to grow even larger x2 per minute. This works on animated plants as well. Works for 2d4x2 minutes. 
3 Tol’lano Blue Heals 1d8+4 hp when wounded, activates only when injured. 
4 Cho’qu Voilet Enhances spellcasting ability granting one additional 1st level spell at levels 1-5 and a 3rd level spell as well between levels 6-10. 
5 Pa’tanis Red Works as if using a Potion of Heroism for 1d4x10 minutes.  
6 Mek’Won Orange The user becomes glib of tongue and makes all Charisma (Persuasion), (Deception), and (Intimidation) checks with advantage for 3d20+10 minutes. 
7 Iu’Vardis Blue-Green Transforms the user into a twig blight for 3d10 minutes. The character can still walk about and speak and converse with others but makes all attacks and checks as if a twig blight. 
8 Noh’Tal Red-Violet Transforms the user into an ahooling for 1d4x10 minutes. Ability scores, class, alignment, equipment, etc are all identical to their character.  
9 Re’Ma’So Yellow-Orange Casts Lesser Restoration on the user.  
10 Pet’Wayden Yellow-Green Calls down a ray from the sun for 1d4 rounds, the user must concentrate to focus the ray, causing 1d6+2 radiant damage to a single enemy per round, no save.  

Markum’s Journal

We were able to coax enough rations from the owner of the Inn to last us several days, but even without Rizri’s ability to forage, we should be able to hunt down that bone merchant before we choke down the last dry biscuit.

This land is worse than the reports said. Something tells me Captain Bohacz knew the reports were outdated. Why else would he send such a pack of misfits to hunt down someone like this. Likely he didn’t think any of us would survive. The land is so dry and hot, he might end up right. Even the scrub is thin and cracking. The only animal tracks Rizri can find are taking us to the large lake we spotted when we crested the rise yesterday. It looks like it’s been drying up for a few years. There are some ruins set around it and poking up out of the water. If that’s the only water source, that’s where the game’ll be, where the people around here will likely congregate, and then you’ll get the bandits. And worse. I hope Stok sobers up soon. 


Author Jonathan G. Nelson

Cartographer Jared Blando

Digital Cartographer TPK3D

Markum’s Journal Tim Hibbits

Music Kevin MacLeod

Music from
by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (

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