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War for Old Grekia: Ruins of Wo’Mataja


A likely place to seek shelter from dust storms common in the foothills of the Savathar Mountains, Wo’Mataja was once a Chonian settlement, now in ruins, that west-bound travelers on the Lymph Road could stumble across instead of arriving at Isav’s Gate. Only if they take the time to explore the ruins can anyone learn why Wo’Mataja is no more. Continue reading War for Old Grekia: Ruins of Wo’Mataja

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Disputed Territories: Old Grekia


From the Savathar Mountains in the north through the K’naghi Savanah and south to the Scorched Lands is a vast swath of dry hills, arid mountains, and rolling grasslands peopled by an equally wide variety of cultures. Cartographers love borders, and these many and varied places are routinely grouped into one colossal region known as the Disputed Territories. Much of this region’s history is bound to eternal competition for resources, particularly water. Nowhere is this history more apparent than at Lake Chonia, just north of the Baevonia Mountains, in a region scholars know as Old Grekia. Continue reading Disputed Territories: Old Grekia

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Blow Me Down: Weather On the High Seas

Weather on Serpent Lake

In describing a scene, the heavy hitters like slathering demons, bubbling lava, and glowing baubles normally take up the lion’s share of the narrative. Weather sounds like something you talk about when you’ve run out of exciting things to mention. Breezy with a couple clouds that look like a puppy chasing a cupcake? Yawn.

Once we introduce mechanical effects, weather could matter, at least in some edge cases. Slick grass, lower visibility, maybe a chance to replenish the waterskins. But what about at sea?

Weather is as important as the dungeon room’s lighting, terrain, and size. Unless you’re simply narrating quick travel, weather is one of the primary mechanical drivers on the sea. Take a storm, add in the boat and crew capabilities, and you don’t even need ghost pirates or dire piranha. But even a smooth sea and steady breeze can affect a party’s decision to deliver the king’s message or investigate the weird tower that’s not on the map. Continue reading Blow Me Down: Weather On the High Seas

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The Old Polyhedron and the Sea

Ship in icy sea storm

Water is life …
—Vasi benediction

 Do not turn from the water for it holds death.
—The Ypos, from the song Otanna, Her Eyes Narrow

From slender flask to heaving ocean, water has always held opportunity and danger in shifting parts. No other necessary element to life holds such fearsome power or potential and all significant habitations are bound to some source, often at great risk. It offers ease of travel, a ready source of sustenance, and potential for unspeakable destruction. Seas and rivers play vital roles in most great civilizations. In the Serpent Lake Valley, the water defines it. Continue reading The Old Polyhedron and the Sea

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Vikmordere Valley: Notable Locations

Vikmordere village

The Vikmordere Valley is famous throughout the Klavek Kingdom as a wild frontier of danger and adventure. To most Klaveks, the valley is a mythical place, secluded deep in the Eastern Mountains. Only the king’s colony of Rybalka brings any semblance of high culture to the primitive barbaric villages on Serpent Lake.

To the Vikmordere people who have lived in the valley since time immemorial, however, the valley’s storied myths are real. Continue reading Vikmordere Valley: Notable Locations

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People of the Vikmordere Valley

vikmordere people

Despite being predominantly inhabited by the Vikmordere for whom the valley is named, it’s not uncommon to find travelers or secluded settlements of a variety of peoples within the Vikmordere Valley. The wilds between settlements are sometimes days apart, and travel between them is at best difficult, and at worst deadly. The Vikmordere themselves are open to travelers and trade, but other settlements are more likely to receive a Vikmordere raiding party than a diplomat.

Continue reading People of the Vikmordere Valley