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People of the Vikmordere Valley

vikmordere people

Despite being predominantly inhabited by the Vikmordere for whom the valley is named, it’s not uncommon to find travelers or secluded settlements of a variety of peoples within the Vikmordere Valley. The wilds between settlements are sometimes days apart, and travel between them is at best difficult, and at worst deadly. The Vikmordere themselves are open to travelers and trade, but other settlements are more likely to receive a Vikmordere raiding party than a diplomat.

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d100 – Acanthus’s Truths from a Drow Slave Camp

There are many fates worse than death that you might suffer in the Underworld if you are incautious, but perhaps the very worst of them is to end up in a drow slave camp. Holoth’s camp is known and feared for hundreds of miles around the city, and with the dark elves now taking captives from the surface, rumors of the terrible existence one can expect if captured are spreading rapidly.

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Community Showcase: Rise of the Drow!

Rise of the Drow Extra Community Showcase

Rise of the Drow is more popular than ever, and our Discord server activity shows it! With all that is on the horizon in 2023, we wanted to make sure we’re giving RotD fans the spotlight they deserve! In this community showcase we’ve collected the best fan contributions to the Rise of the Drow mega campaign.

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d100 – Acanthus’s Truths: Living in Holoth

d100 Acanthus's Truths

From the scrollshelves of the sage, d100 Acanthus’s Truths about living in Holoth. As the party begins to plan to advance on Holoth, whether openly or covertly, it pays for them to try and find out a little more about the city.  Unfortunately, few folks have been to Holoth and come out without being affected, so information about the place, and the Drow in general, is sketchy and potentially a little unreliable. However, some facts have emerged over time, and although they can sound a “little vague” what’s listed below is essentially true. Characters can gain some of these pieces of information by speaking with appropriate residents of other Underworld cities or intelligent creatures they meet on the way to Holoth itself. As GM, use them to add flavor to any encounters with Drow at any point in the adventure. Continue reading d100 – Acanthus’s Truths: Living in Holoth

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Stoneholme Vocabulary: Development Blog #1

write for AAW Games, design bible for Stoneholme

The demand for an Underworld-specific prologue that leads into Rise of the Drow proper has grown to the point we can no longer deny this project needs to happen! As a first step toward developing the Stoneholme trilogy into a polished setting and adventure on par with RotDCE, here’s a collection of vocab terms to aid writers in keeping to the tone of the setting. None of this is set in stone (sorry), but it can serve as the beginnings of a design bible for the project, for those interested in writing for roleplaying games.

Interjected amongst these terms are relevant notes regarding design and development that might pique the interest of readers, give some insight into the development process, and are useful for writers to keep in mind!

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