Star System Set: Querritix — Trouble in the Nursery (Mini-Adventure)


by Michael Allen

“Help! Help! They are trying to eat me!”

The distress signal couldn't be any clearer. But what exactly waits on the surface of the unnamed moon? Who sent the signal? And why is the outpost's library full of so much alien poetry? The line between monster and victim blurs as the PCs descend into the uncharted depths of the Querritix system.

Star System Sets offer new planets to explore, dangers to overcome, lifeforms to study, and cultures to document. Modular enough for any campaign, each double-sided card presents a complete ruleset for ease of reference, allowing GMs to fill in the blank spots on their star charts.

Card types include Race, Planet, Character Options, Equipment, Monsters, and Mini-Adventure. Each set is available à la carte or as a six-card bundle.



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