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PF Christmas / Yuletide Mini-Dungeon: Disaster on Bluegale Glacier


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A Christmas / Yuletide Pathfinder RPG Mini-Dungeon adventure for 4-6 PCs of Levels 9-10

Every year, upon the eve of the Winter Solstice, the beloved priest of the Temple of Bluegale Glacier visits the nearby village of Winteredge to bless the denizens, provide a magnificent feast, and gift small magical baubles to children.

The celebration attracts visitors from small villages throughout the region. The Temple of Bluegale Glacier was established over four hundred years ago when the founders of the order discovered a colony of far darrig – wild fey herders – located within an icy glacier cave. The fey were revolted by the younger races who had begun migrating to the region to harvest the lumber from the thick forest surrounding their home. In an attempt to drive the intruders out, the far darrig began to poison the glacial runoff that provided the settlements with flowing fresh water.

The temple founders were unwilling to eradicate the fey for defending their home but were also obligated to protect the villagers. They used powerful magic to bind the fey within the glacier and built their temple surrounding the entrance to their
icy caverns. As the centuries passed and the villages thrived, the fey suffered through perpetual bondage; growing more infuriated with each passing solstice.

Holiday Mini-Dungeons are four-page adventures for Pathfinder RPG which are setting-agnostic, easily inserted anywhere in your campaign, and feature a specific holiday to be celebrated by both the party and your gaming group!


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1 review for PF Christmas / Yuletide Mini-Dungeon: Disaster on Bluegale Glacier

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  1. Looks good but never played. You should include the advised character level in the product description. Looking forward to giving it a try one day.

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