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Mini-Dungeon #116: THE ENDING OF IT ALL


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Pathfinder RPG Mini-Dungeon for 5-6 characters of level 20

Liikkua rested her hand on the great serpent’s head and spoke softly to her creation. The dragon was magnificent, even to a deity of travel who’d seen unimaginable sights. Despite its awe-inspiring presence, it waited for her words.

She talked of the codex and of how Hastur, the King in Yellow, fought to steal it, ransacking the infinite planes to find it. The guardian rumbled understanding, so Liikkua drew a simple map of six planes, separate from each other but connected by a sense of order. She folded it into a cube and shaped a key phrase for each face.

She set the dragon and codex into the cube—despite it being just 2 inches on each side—and then picked up a simple atlas of 144 maps. She leafed through it and devised a mystery for each one, before allocating it to random future travelers. Then she pushed the cube through the tome’s cover, unaware of where it would end up, waiting to be found. But the concentration it took to complete the encasing ritual meant she missed the tiny yellow moth with tattered wings fluttering at her side.

As she pressed the cube into the atlas, the moth landed on a face, leaving a diminutive, golden, star-shaped mark. It was in this way that Hastur inscribed his own key and entered the cube without the goddess knowing.

Mini-Dungeons are short, setting-agnostic adventures for Pathfinder RPG which can be easily inserted anywhere in your campaign.


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1 review for Mini-Dungeon #116: THE ENDING OF IT ALL

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  1. This is just the “mini filler” I’ve been looking for! My group is on the verge of completing an adventure path that will see them top out at 20th level… but they don’t want to stop there. I’ve been searching for a little something that will give at least a couple sessions of continued adventure, and this “dungeon” has just the right combo of high-level support, cohesive mini-story that will still plug on to the end of my regular campaign with almost no effort, and a LOT for the group to do once they encounter this mysterious cube!

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