Airian Eastman, Nico MacDougall

Trick & Treat

Softcover, PDF, Foundry VTT

A Most Pernicious Treat…

It was supposed to be the best Halloween ever for a group of young roleplayers: Dress up like their current characters, get some candy, and settle in for a night of fun rolling the dice. When one greedy trick-or-treater takes more than their share from the wrong house, the group is transported to another realm!

Not only have the trick-or-treaters attained the powers of their costumes, they also have become ghosts, and in order to escape from their predicament they need to gather their own bones.

In TREAT, you will find:

  • Full rules for playing ghost characters
  • 4 ready-to-play characters showcasing AAW Games’ Underworld Races & Classes
  • Skullball, a game for those who don’t want to lose their heads
  • A wedding, proving that love transcends death
  • Skeletal ravens that nevermore want to return your bones
  • A whole array of unique monsters

Like a Trick played by
a Cat out of Hell…

The gaunt old widower Gerhard Mauser’s beloved tabby Whispur has escaped beneath the porch.

What starts out as a simple request to retrieve a cat in exchange for some delicious king-size candy bars quickly turns into a true adventure, as the intrepid heroes find that a felonious feline foe has dragged them all to a truly infurnal place—hell!

In TRICK you will find:

  • Cover art by world-famous artist Moon Patrol!
  • 4 ready-to-play characters showcasing AAW Games’ Underworld Races & Classes
  • The Furialia Cattus, a ferocious feline fiend to test the mettle (and patience) of even the most stalwart of heroes
  • 3 magic items of feline mischief
  • Rules for using mythical hellnip
  • The River Trix and how to cross it
  • A widower’s cat in dire need of saving


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