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5E Mini-Dungeon #079: The King of Infinite Space

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A 5th Edition Mini-Dungeon adventure for 4 Characters Levels 6-8

The Underworld’s layers hide many mysteries. Vast, long-abandoned, deep-set cities exist in the dark. One such site houses Urkkia, a gnome spy who was more… but is now less…than he appears.

Over time, Urkkia perfected ways to manipulate shadow, particularly the Plane itself. With near-perfect control over shadow walk let him appear within ten feet of his destination, he became an efficient spy; nothing seemed safe from him. As the bounty on him grew, he retreated further from the surface to this safehouse- here, Urkkia built his ultimate creation: The Room of Infinite Space. But his links to the Plane as “something real” attracted powerful shadow beings; they sent three nightwalkers after him recently. He destroyed two, fell to the third, but was ready for such an event.

Urkkia is evil in that he lies, cheats, steals, and even kills in the name of retrieving items from the worst creatures in existence. He’s self-focused, thinking of himself first, as any spy does if they want to live.

Mini-Dungeons are single page, double sided adventures for 5th Edition which are setting agnostic and are easily inserted anywhere in your campaign.


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1 review for 5E Mini-Dungeon #079: The King of Infinite Space

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  1. 4-6 characters for level 15-16, except that after download it’s 4 characters level 6-8?

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  2. Thanks for the heads up, we’ll get this fixed.

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