5E B02: Happiness in Slavery


A 5th Edition compatible adventure for six to eight PCs of levels 4-6

The adventurers are just bedding down for the night when the village is attacked by raiders. What at first appear to be simple bandits turns out to be more frightening when they discover the raiders are not mere brigands, but foul orcs. Worse, they have taken captives. With the help of several locals, the PCs must chase down these orcs in an attempt to return the villagers.

The PCs chase the orcs all the way back to their village. Unfortunately the rescue mission turns into a call for aid, as the PCs discover the orcs are in as much need as their captives. While under no obligation to do so, the PCs find themselves assisting new and unlikely allies.

Also included in “Happiness in Slavery”:

  • A new form of lake boat
  • 4 new Traps
  • A new island and village to explore!
  • A new first in cartography! Award winning cartographer Todd Gamble combines his top notch model scenery crafting skills with hand drawn cartography resulting in one of the most beautiful maps he has ever produced.
  • Multiple ways to complete the primary quest and an optional ending


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