Underworld Classes

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    Underworld Classes: Gemcaster

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    Love of jewels, gems, and precious stones of every kind are common among the svirfneblin of Aventyr. Upperworlder mages that have traveled through the Underworld and lived to tell the tale speak of their spellcasters in hushed tones, claiming that they unlock the most powerful of magics through simple, if precious, jewels. Gemcasters are a prestige class designed for the Underworld of Aventyr, but are certain to be a sparkling addition to any instance of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.


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    Underworld Classes: Masters of the Web

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    In the Underworld of Aventyr, dark elves have tied the yoke of slavery around countless supplicants of the lesser races. Their patron goddess Naraneus blesses them with powers and abilities from the arachnid adherents she also counts among her devotees. The mistress of the web weaves lies of deceit and cunning, while her male counterpart spins literal webs that entangle, disarm, and overwhelm their foes. These two new class archetypes for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game are ideal for any group, sure to bring the devious drow of Aventyr out of the Underworld and onto your tabletop!

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    Underworld Classes: Stonespeaker

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    The zwerc are a strange subtype of dwarf found in the Underworld, and while their collectives are often vastly different from one another a single fact unifies them all—each reveres stonespeakers, though legends tell of humans and other races assuming the powerful earthly mantle as well. These geomancers control the very rock around them, exploding earth under adversaries and transforming their very surroundings like a sculptor with clay. This brand new base class is designed for use in the endless caves of Aventyr, but is guaranteed to bring a rocking good time to any group playing the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

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    Underworld Classes: Psilocybist

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    Underworld breezes carry spores from far-flung fungal forests elsewhere in Aventyr’s endless caves and many are steeped with magic—some druids and spellcasters learn to empower themselves with the mushrooms, unlocking their wild potential. With flurries of exploding caps, trances that enhance their spells, and secrets otherwise unattainable to magic users of their sort these mages of nature are some of the most fell survivors in the Underworld. This new prestige class and the Mushroom domain are designed for use in Aventyr (’s campaign setting) but are an exciting addition to any instance of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

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    Underworld Classes: Underterror

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    Infernal contracts are rarely to be lauded and though the gitwerc of Aventyr’s Underworld are already indebted to the devils of HEL, some take their agreement even further. These horrifying individuals morph their bodies to the extreme, using their unholy powers to infiltrate society before overwhelming enemies as they reveal themselves to be underterrors! This brand new base class and its archetype, the savant of HEL, are designed for use by gitwerc in the subterranean caverns of the Underworld of Aventyr, but their misbegotten powers are certain to bring a fearfully fun time to any Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

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    Underworld Races: Ahool

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    The endless caves of subterranean Aventyr echo with the cries of the dying and sometimes, during a brief rest by the soon-to-die, the cacophonous symphony of the ahool. Chief among these true predators of the Underworld are the ironsingers, masters of sonic energy that employ their aural abilities to terrifying effect against their foes, but even their lesser kin (the ahooling) incite fear across Aventyr.

    What do the ahool bring forth from Aventyr?

    • A brand new player race—the ahooling!
    • The fledgling ahool, a monster class (and archetypes!) to stoke the primal fires of these subterranean terrors, evolving them into fully grown ahool!
    • Extensive favored class options for ahooling!
    • New mundane gear!
    • Innovative wondrous items!
    • Never before seen spells!
    • New feats for ahooling to make them true horrors of the Underworld!