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  • 5E-SH1-SCREEN1

    5E Shattered Heart Adventure Path #1: The Ties that Bind

    $9.99 $7.99

    Winner of the Pathmaster adventure writing contest Michael Allen brings us the first installment of the long awaited Shattered Heart Adventure Path: The Ties that Bind.


    A genesis of fellowship for four to five 6th level player characters.

    Still reeling from the twin disasters of the Great Schism and the Hoyrall Wars, the halfings of Picollo are a people cast adrift from ancient traditions. A cleric of the Great Mother strives to restore four great holy sites to the goddess, and in doing so restore the bedrock of halfling society.

    The PCs leave the snow-swept plains of the Klavek Kingdom for the warm shores of distant Picollo to restore the first of these great temples, being among the very few permitted to access to the closed-off island. Bigotry, bribery, deal-making, and self-interest prove just as challenging to overcome as flesh and blood obstacles. Sea monsters, raiders’ and ancient traps at mystical sites all test the PCs’ skill before they slip under the waves to confront the corruption at the heart of the water temple of the Great Mother.

    Also Included in this Adventure:

    • Richly detailed relationships with recurring NPCs.
    • Politics, mystery and skill challenges to test the players’ (and PCs’) versatility.
    • A method to track the PC’s influence on the future development of Picollan society.
    • A new minor artifact and an ancient magical boon.
    • Notes on scaling for parties of 6 or more.
    • Maps by 5e cartographer Jared Blando.

  • 5E-A03-SCREEN1

    5E A03: Champion’s Rest


    A 5th Edition compatible adventure for four to six PCs of Levels 2-3.

    The Loi’Tok burial mound of the Vikmordere was abandoned long ago. The party is hired by the mayor of the local town to locate some soldiers who went missing after entering Loi’Tok. Strangely enough no sign of the soldiers can be found within the burial site aside from a few scattered weapons and pools of blood. Before the party has time to investigate, Vikmordere barbarians show up searching for a group of their own missing kinsmen.

    Will the two groups blame each other or join forces to solve the mystery surrounding the recent disappearances?

    Also included in “Champion’s Rest”:

    • Maps by 3x ENnie Award winning Cartographer Todd Gamble
    • Maps included: Rybalkan Peninsula, Hunter’s Cabin in Dark Wood, and Loi’Tok Burial Mound including additional artist sketches of the interior rooms.
    • New NPC: Cual Beartooth the hunter of Dark Wood and only human resident able to survive in the devil infested forest
    • New Puzzle: Sarcophagi Puzzle where PCs must match birthstones to the proper sarcophigus or face the wrath of the dead
    • New Puzzle: Altar Puzzle where PCs must discern a specific pattern to proceed or find themselves in a very sticky situation
    • New Magical Item: the mysterious Sacred Necklace
    • New Monster: Poisonous Firefly Swarm
    • New Monster: Shadow Stealth Skeleton
    • New Monster: Kra’Tah

  • AaW-A00

    5E A00: Crow’s Rest Island

    $6.99 $3.99

    A 5th Edition compatible adventure for 4 Level 1 PCs

    Shrouded in whispered rumors, Crow’s Rest Island has been avoided as long as any can remember. Nothing but death, and the memories of those long gone, greet any who take to land upon the isle’s shores. It is to this island that the PCs will find themselves driven as a storm threatens to drive their ship below the waves. Awaiting the PCs are far more than ghost stories upon this island, for there lives a very real threat, hiding here among the legends that keep sailors at bay.

    A classic ghost story that casts the PCs not as adversaries to the specters, but rather as their benefactors, Crow’s Rest Island challenges the PCs with a tribe of foul kobolds, a haunted village, and the forgotten servant of a long departed ice devil. An excellent introduction to the Aventyr Campaign Setting, this adventure gives the PCs their first glimpse into Vikmordere culture. A0 may also be easily ported to any setting containing a northern wilderness near a large body of water.

    • A0: Crow’s Rest Island (PDF) – Introduction to the A-Series Adventure Path!
    • Detailed maps by 3x ENnie Award winning Cartographer Todd Gamble.
    • Designed to last between 2-3 hours and lead into A1: Crypt of the Sun Lord.
    • Pre-generated characters complete with illustrations for fast play!
    • VTT files included (maps, tokens, and more!)

  • 5e A01 FG

    5E A01: Crypt of the Sun Lord (Fantasy Grounds)

    $8.99 $6.99


    A 5th Edition compatible adventure for 4-6 PCs of level 1

    The adventurers travel across Serpent Lake with a group of Rybalkan soldiers. The group camps for the night adjacent to the ruins of Ka’Teek. As they sleep a goblin steals a precious keepsake from one of the PCs and disappears into the ruins. The party pursues and finds themselves confronting undead guardians of the Sun Lord while avoiding dangerous traps.

    Will the PCs find the goblin and retrieve their precious keepsake or stumble upon something much more sinister?

    Also included in “Crypt of the Sun Lord”:

    • The first adventure ever launched on
    • Exclusive locations in the Adventureaweek Campaign Setting fleshed out in great detail and accompanied with high resolution maps
    • Maps and Illustrations by 3x ENnie Award winning Cartographer Todd Gamble
    • The Life Ring, a new magical item which bestows the wearer with extra HP
    • A new minor artifact with hidden powers which unlock as the PCs increase in level

  • FG 5E B20

    5E B20: For Rent, Lease, or Conquest (Fantasy Grounds)

    $8.99 $6.99


    A 5th Edition compatible adventure for four to five PCs of 7th level

    There comes a point in every adventuring career when a guildhall becomes a necessity. After all, where is the fighter going to hang his trophies? Where is the wizard going to perform his arcane experiments? Fortunately for the PCs, Edgewaith Manor is free for the taking. Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a fixer-upper. There’s some really bad mold in the bathroom, the furnace is temperamental to say the least, and the whole place is infested with interplanar ants. Such are the joys of homeownership.

    Even worse, a group of treacherous real estate agents want the house for themselves, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it. Once the PCs gain access to the manor’s magical deed, they will have to work quickly to rearrange the rooms, populate them with traps and troops, and prepare to defend the house. In this adventure, the party has the rare opportunity to build a dungeon for the GM!

    Also included in “For Rent, Lease, or Conquest”:

    • A trio of malfunctioning magical items sure to befuddle any adventurer.
    • PC-eating chicken coops.
    • A crash course in gnomish architecture.
    • The chance to befriend a formian monarch and gain the esteemed title “Defender of the Colony.”
    • An excellent opportunity to gain a home base suitable for any adventuring party.
    • Art by White Wolf alumna Laurel Shelley-Reuss.
    • Designed as a sequel to “Death & Taxes,” this module also works perfectly as a stand alone adventure.