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Welcome to Mini-Dungeon University

I’ve written on the five-room dungeon before. I’ve also talked about my use of prop theory as an aid in Mini-Dungeon design. If memory serves, I’ve even penned a diatribe explicitly titled “Introduction to Adventure Writing” in Adventure Chronicle Magazine issue #3. So instead of telling you about my process for writing Mini-Dungeons all over again, I want to tell you about my office.

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Mini-Blurb: Floor is Spiders

Mini-Dungeon Design

Empty Maps, Imaginary Props, & Spidery Aesthetics

There are two primary sources that I draw upon when designing Mini-Dungeons. The first is the concept of the “The 5 Room Dungeon.” The good folks over at Nerds on Earth have a pretty good summary, and it’s one I keep in my back pocket whenever it comes time to sit down and bang out another example of the genre. Sing along with me if you know the words: Continue reading Mini-Blurb: Floor is Spiders