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  • Twilight-Falling

    PATHMASTER #5: Twilight Falling

    4.00 out of 5
    $7.99 $5.99

    A Pathfinder adventure for 5 characters of levels 5-7

    A plague sweeps through the streets of Crepus, the city of the Twilight Hold, where the souls of the dead go to rest. A mysterious malefactor has erected a barrier between the realm of the living and the dead, preventing the fallen from crossing over. Meanwhile, the Circle, seven high-ranking Companions who rule over the city, can feel their connection with the Twilight Hold weakening. When ferocious corpses begin to rise and torment the people of Crepus, the Circle call upon heroes to aid them. Who is the cause of this scourge which threatens to destroy Crepus and it’s way of life? Will Crepus’ new champions be able to find the source before it is too late?

    Also included in “Twilight Falling”:

    • A new city where the souls of the dead are as much a part of life as the living

    • The Honored, a new monster comprised of the venerated spirits of the deceased who serve the will of the Circle

    • Maps by Cartographer Dan Roy



  • Timeless-Fort

    PATHMASTER #4: Timeless Fort

    4.71 out of 5
    $7.99 $5.99

    by Luis Loza

    A Pathfinder adventure for four to five level 3 PCs

    An ancient fort lost to time has reappeared, prompting murmurs of lost kingdoms and mystical artifacts. When the PCs investigate they find themselves flung outside of time, reliving the life of the fort over and over again! It’s up to the party to learn what happened in the final days of Fort Jaroma and put an end to the endless loop they find themselves in. Will they be able end this cycle and save the keep from the assault of the three Mad Kings or will they be lost for all eternity?

    Also included in “The Timeless Fort”:

    ● Fort Jaroma, a living and breathing keep from fabled legends

    ● The Shard of the Broken Sky, a powerful crystal fallen from the heavens themselves

    ● Rules for improving the fortifications and training of the troops within Fort Jaroma

    ● Maps by Cartographer Dan Roy



    Welcome to the 2013 PATHMASTER Adventure Writing Contest!

    By purchasing and voting on the PATHMASTER adventures you decide the fate of these valiant new game designers!

    Your rating helps determine the winner!

    The adventure scoring the best “verified owner” ratings/reviews will be declared grand prize winner and the author hired to write a 6 part adventure path published in PDF and PRINT by  In addition, the grand prize winner will also receive a free one year subscription to, a limited edition village of Rybalkaprint autographed by AaW founders Todd Gamble and Jonathan Nelson, as well as a print copy of “BASIC1: A Learning Time” autographed by author Kevin Mickelson (Mask of Death).

    Note from Publisher: Please do not vote unless you have actually purchased and read this adventure in its entirety.  Thank you for being honest.

  • cutting-silver

    PATHMASTER #3 Cutting Silver Pass

    5.00 out of 5
    $7.99 $5.99

    by Scott Janke

    A Pathfinder Compatible Adventure for 4-6 level 7 characters

    The remote mining town of Imarlap relies on magic for its silver exports, but its mage is now missing. He planned to open a new route and the silver barons grow desperate to complete his work. The PCs must discover the wizard’s underground cavern and join the town to the new pass. The denizens and other underground hazards make cutting through the roots of the mountain extremely dangerous, but the town needs heroes to finish cutting Silver Pass!

    Also included in “Cutting Silver Pass”:

    • Encounters while riding river rapids, both above ground and below.

    • Engineering projects like silver mining, lock building, and bridging waterfalls to introduce to your fantasy campaign.

    • A new location set in a remote mountain location. A perfect setting for any frontier town.

    • Negotiations with neighboring residents including a silver dragon, a werebear druid, the White Water orcs band and a family of stone giants.



  • To-Walk-Dark-Road

    PATHMASTER #1 To Walk the Dark Road

    5.00 out of 5
    $7.99 $5.99


    by Michael Allen

    A waking nightmare for 4-5 Pathfinder characters of 7th level

    The very land rises up against the PCs as they hike deep into country cursed by the ferocity of an ancient evil. Whilst retracing the route of a bygone army to recover a lost artifact, the party discovers that nightmares, monsters, and Nature itself strive to bar the way. Will the adventurers overcome their deepest fears to triumph, or do they lack the courage, skill and perseverance to walk the dark road?

    Also included in “To Walk the Dark Road”:

    • A wilderness trek that will challenge the PCs survival skills and overland travel expertise.

    • Three new magic items (flayed feet of the druid, hands of the druid and mask of the druid) that test the limits of what risks your PCs are willing to take for power and embody the darkness of the road on which they travel.

    • A minor artifact, the Tear of the Mother, that may provide seeds for further adventures.

    • Adventure Hooks for parties of all alignments, with multiple options to resolve the fate of the Tear of the Mother.

    • Suggestions and tips on building suspense and controlling the pace of the adventure, with notes on how to handle parties of 6 or more or those of slightly higher APLs.