Weird Wednesday (Destiny Derailed): Wereguten Curse

Wereguten Curse     CR 5

weregutenXP 1,600
CE persistent haunt (random broadsheets from the fortunetelling press [2% chance])
Caster Level 5th
Notice Perception DC 30 (to catch the peripheral aura of transmutation magic)
hp 22; Trigger reading the article about turning into a wereguten; Reset 1 week
Effect When this haunt is triggered, the reader of the Steamtown Herald broadsheet must make a DC 17 Will save or become obsessed with information, doing everything they can to read as much as possible (from every available source) before finally resting to sleep.
When they awaken, their head is transformed into a printing press. Succumbing to the wereguten curse leaves them with a -3 penalty to AC, an inability to speak, and a -4 penalty to all Charisma checks (with the sole exception of Intimidation). While so afflicted, the target gains comprehend languages as a constant spell-like ability (CL 5th), and can print out as many mundane, non-magical pieces of writing as they like, without the need for paper or ink.
Removing the wereguten curse from a creature requires bathing them in holy water for 10 hours while within the area of a consecrate spell. If at any time the afflicted creature reads while undergoing this process, they must begin again from the beginning.
DC 20 Knowledge (arcana) or Spellcraft check is recognizes how to reverse the effects and how the accursed haunt might be destroyed.

Destruction The most recent cursed broadsheet of the Steamtown Herald must be submerged in holy water and incinerated by flame. A new issue is pressed out every week, taking the magic out of the older editions and turning them into regular, inert mundane items.

Adventure Hook Every issue of the Steamtown Herald includes a small article about the strange wereguten curse, randomly afflicting folks from the city on the rails. PCs that make an investigation of it can find that those afflicted by the haunt are of the same type of blood used to print the press that week (mostly gnomes, elves, and humans) with a DC 22 Diplomacy check to gather information or DC 24 Knowledge (local) check.

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