Wandering Wasteland: Welcome to the Scorched Lands!

“I’m not exactly keen to another portal,” Stephni says, her eyes locked on the metallic pool before the party, “dragon’s advice or otherwise. The last time we did this the results were less than ideal.” The reflective puddle at the adventurers’ feet was barely big enough for Tekkittir to fit through but something in the liquid definitely evoked the feeling of Aventyr.

Justahn peered at it, hand on his newly acquired dreamblade. “Let’s not be hasty. I’ve found this to be a most informative journey and look forward to sharing tales of the Plane of Dreams over a few fine mugs of mead.” The dwarf grinned, “and besides none of us are dead, right?” A stifled laugh comes from around the backside of the burly half-orc barbarian carrying their bard, the only reply Mykail could manage after nearly perishing inside the dead god’s brain. “Besides I can feel that this is going to lead to Aventyr. I can feel it.”

Welcome to the Scorched Lands“I’m not so sure that’s a fine indicator, big guy.” Vic knelt down to the ground, peering into the puddle with keen halfling eyes. “A feeling isn’t much to go on. That said I don’t see why we’d want to stay in Alucinar any longer than we have to. Captain sing song there certainly can’t stay for much longer…and…that’s Jesker in the puddle there. The wizard.” Sure enough—though hard to see—a vision of the wizened old mage was in the metallic liquid, waving the group toward him.

Stephni immediately, reflexively stepped backwards, raising her hands up plaintively, “no, no no, no. That old coot? You can’t even seriously be considering this! We’re wanted in Mohkba because of him and nearly died in Shlyappa! If I ever get my hands on his withered old corpse of a body, I’ll wring hi—” before she could finish, a massive reverberation shook the very ground.

“Well,” Vic says, looking around to make sure he had all his kit, “reason enough for me.” With that the halfling leaps into the metallic puddle, disappearing from Alucinar entirely. Tekkittir followed in close pursuit (with Mykail over her shoulder) and Nehpets didn’t tarry. Tanhoj and Justahn wavered long enough to give Stephni sympathetic shrugs, but with no allies in sight and the reverberations becoming more common it didn’t take long for the knight to jump across dimensions.

As Stephni expected, conditions here were not much of an improvement. Off in the distance—fortunately moving away—was a huge swathe of light blasting away the hot sands. People were crawling out of the shadows, shielding their eyes against the blinding ambiance. As her eyes adjusted a familiar figure began to take hold: Jesker the Great. “Welcome to the Scorched Lands!”

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