The Drowned Maiden

Here at we know the value our readers; your comments, opinions and suggestions are our bread and butter. When somebody sends us a solid idea we want to see it developed and released upon the world at large.

In that spirit, we are happy to announce Weird Wednesdays, a venue for Haunts in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

This week’s entry (and the wonderfully alliterative name ‘Weird Wednesdays’) was submitted by user Brian Wiborg Mønster. It is a hazardous and curious invention sure to engage your players, inspired by the [surprisingly good – MM] movie Stardust.

The Drowned Maiden     CR 8

XP 4800

CE haunt (20 ft. by 20 ft. square)

Caster Level 8th

Notice Perception DC 28 (to notice a slight increase in humidity)

hp 16; Trigger proximity (one random 5 ft. square in the area); Reset 1 day


Effect: When this haunt is triggered, one randomly determined target in the affected area is pulled five feet into the air where they start to drown, as per the effects of the spell suffocation. The Fortitude save to resist this haunt is DC 17. The target behaves as if underwater, clothes clinging to their body and hair weaving about the head.

Destruction: The body of the miller’s drowned daughter must be retrieved from the lair of a monster outside the city, and her corpse must then be buried in hallowed ground.


Adventure Hook: The settlement of Eastingholme is gripped in fear. Several villagers have been found drowned far from any significant body of water. These mysterious deaths started a few days after the miller’s daughter, Jenny, disappeared while swimming in the nearby creek. The above haunt is the only way she can communicate with the physical world in an attempt to get justice.
The identity of the monster is ultimately up to the GM, but Rusalkas and Hags are always good!




Do you have a chilling idea for a haunt? Send it along to us at submit (at), but please, bear the following in mind before you submit anything for review:

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