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Unfulfilled Contract

graveyard-pictures-15Unfulfilled Contract    CR 9
XP 9,600
N persistent haunt (30 ft. radius)
Caster Level 8th
Notice Perception DC 22 (to feel the temperature drop)
Hp 36; Trigger touch (10 ft. radius around the headstone of Gravon Thylen); Reset 1 day
Effect: In the first round, the haunt materializes as a cloaked figure wielding a broken sword and starts to suck the life from anyone in the 30 ft. radius. All inside the radius must save vs. the spell enervation (no touch attack to hit is needed, instead the victims are given a DC 17 Will save to negate the negative level damage)
On the second round anyone still within the 30 ft. radius is subjected to a geas spell, with the magical command to fulfill Gravon Thylen’s last contract (remove curse cannot stop this geas, otherwise it functions as per the spell’s description).
On the third round the haunt fades away leaving only a bleached and crumbled wanted poster – Gravon Thylen’s last contract (for the person that killed him in a confrontation just outside of the town).
Destruction: Fulfill Thylen’s last contract and bring back proof of the deed, placing it on his grave.

Adventure Hook: Two dead men have been discovered in the nearby cemetery. Neither corpse shows any signs of violence, but both display signs of extreme fright, their eyes stretched open in a rictus of fear while their hands are held outward as if to ward something off. The local drunkard rambles on about a sword wielding greenish mist, but most of his neigbors put little faith in his babbling and more in his drinking habits. Still, the local priest asks the party to investigate.


Submitted by Brian Wiborg Monster.



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