The Blessing of Zagn

Giant Centipede smallerThe Blessing of Zagn
CR 8
XP 4,800
CE Persistent haunt (10-ft. radius circle)
Caster Level 9th
Notice Perception DC 22 (to hear otherworldly chittering from all around you)
hp 31; Weakness tricked by invisibility;Trigger proximity; Reset 1 week
Effect When this haunt is triggered, any creatures inside of its radius must succeed on a DC 14 Fortitude save or transform into a small sized creature of the vermin type (though not of this world) as the spirits of insects swarm across and through their body.
Transformed creatures gain a +2 size bonus to Dexterity, a +2 natural armor bonus, a climb speed of 30 ft., darkvision 60 ft., scent and a +2 resistance bonus to all saving throws against mind-affecting effects. Creatures that fail the Fortitude save must also make a DC 17 Will save or their Intelligence and Charisma scores drop to 1. These effects persist until the creature receives a heal, limited wish, miracle or wish spell; the single application of any of these spells reverses both effects. After 1 week, any transformed creatures return to their normal form, Intelligence score and Charisma score.

Destruction Coat the haunt’s area in holy water, acid and electricity within the same round.
Adventure Hook There isn’t a scholar in Aventyr that can reliably explain the exact nature or behavior of these bizarre anomalies, but whenever found by the hoyrall, the creatures obsessively worship and protect the area. Some legends claim that the souls of particularly devout followers of Zagnexis create these apparitions, and others postulate that they are droplets of the god’s ethereal being made manifest in the Underworld. They are sparse, but explorers of the endless caves beneath the surface that find a Blessing of Zagn and survive to tell of it often sell the information for a handsome price.

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