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Mime of the Troll Glade

troll mimeMime of the Troll Glade
XP 4,800
CE persistent haunt (50 ft. radius)
Caster Level 8th
Notice Perception DC 27 (to smell the faint lingering smell of vomit)
HP 42; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day
Effect A ghostly troll appears as the haunt manifests. He is dressed completely in white and his face is stark white from powder, only a single black tear upon his left chin, breaks the pale monotony of his appearance. He starts to communicate with the party by miming something unclear, and ends the miming with holding his hands to his ears—then he opens his mouth and unleashes a cone of ethereal vomit. The breath weapon is a 30-foot cone (Reflex DC 19 negates) and gives the victims the nauseated condition (a Will DC 19 lowers the condition to sickened). Any conditions obtained from the haunt lasts for 1d6+2 rounds as the ethereal vomit slowly dissipates. The mime makes three such attacks over three rounds and he moves up to 20 feet each round to get a better “barfing” position.

Destruction Consecrate must be cast in the glade by a good aligned spellcaster while a bard sings the Ballad of the Trollish Mime. All participants in the ritual must wear makeup similar to the trollish mime’s.

Adventure Hook Grobblebarf was an usual troll—instead of tearing peoples arms off, he asked them to perform a piece of music or dance for him. The unfortunate ones whom could not do so were eaten, but the fortunate ones were only eaten after their performance. A lucky few were even allowed to leave, usually because Grobblebarf had eaten their companions first. The troll grew especially fond of miming (which he considered the finest artform) and spent many nights performing for his fellow trolls. Eventually this was not enough for Grobblbarf and he wanted to perform in a town instead of in the woodlands where he had his lair.

The troll acquired a hat of disguise from a traveler who tried to avoid his fate by parting with treasure (to no avail). Grobblebarf donned the hat and set off for the nearby town of Grostburg in the guise of a half-orc. While he performed, a gust of wind blew off his hat—the villagers were horrified that a troll stood in the town square. Grobblebarf was chased out of town by torch wielding mobs and an allocation of adventurers that were passing through Grostburg.

Grobblebarf was cornered in a glade where he fought for his life and his right to perform his art, but the combined might of the mobs and the experienced adventurers was too much for a lone troll and he was killed in the glade, his body burned. A year later to the day, Grobblebarf’s spirit rose from the ground and manifested for the first time when a traveling troupe of actors made their camp there—soon the word spread of the haunted glade to Grostburg and beyond.


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