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Fatkeqësi’s Rabble

Zombie Handmaidens with illusion in place

Fatkeqësi’s Rabble  CR5


XP 1,600

NE persistent haunt (20 ft. radius in the city square)

Caster Level 7th

Notice Perception DC 28 (to see or hear the shuffling footprints of the dead crowd)

hp 22; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day

Weakness susceptible to slashing damage, tricked by Stealth

Effect When this haunt is triggered, semi-tangible corpses spring from the ground, grasping for the living in an attempt to crush them. Every creature within the area of the haunt is the target of a combat maneuver check each round they remain within the area of effect. These corpses do not provoke attacks of opportunity, and receive a +12 bonus to their CMB.

They deal 1d6+4 damage to any successfully grappled foe, preventing any movement while the target retains the grappled condition. The haunt receives a +5 bonus on grapple checks made against opponents with the grapple condition, but cannot move or pin foes. Each round it successfully grapples, it deals an additional 1d6+4 points of damage. The CMD to escape the haunt’s grapple is 22.

The corpses created by this haunt share hit points and take damage from both positive energy and slashing weapons. The entire area is considered difficult terrain while it persists.

Destruction The corpse of the mad emperor that ordered the slaughter in the city square must be burned at the center of the haunt’s manifestation.

Adventure Hook

Fatkeqësi the Mad Emperor ruled with an iron fist. Once a great strategist and charismatic leader, in his waning years he quickly fell to vanity in the hopeless pursuit of matching the prowess he once knew as a youth. To compensate he went to unbelievable lengths to craft the finest sword in the realm, wasting the resources of his lands in his reckless pursuit; charlatans came away with much of the gold and those well-intentioned craftsmen rarely met the standards of the obsessed ruler. Each ‘failed’ sword was gifted to his personal guard, which used them to bloody effect. The final royal act of Fatkeqësi the Mad was to slaughter the protesting citizens outside his palace. Once the final peasant was slain, the horror of the act quickly led to revolution but as a descendant of the once great emperor approaches the throne, the restless spirits of the unjustly slain rise to terrorize the city square.



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