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Ball of Decadence

medieval-clothing-2Ball of Decadence      CR 9

XP 6400

NE persistent haunt (40 ft. radius)

Caster Level 9th

Notice Perception DC 21 (to notice faint dots of light on the grass)

hp 40; Trigger automatic; Reset 1 week

Effect: When triggered (on a hill outside the small village, once a week at midnight) the haunt transforms the area into a magnificent ballroom. The haunt’s area is full of dancing nobles (their dress style centuries old) but several of the dancers look more like peasants and adventurers whose fashions are more recent, some clutching weapons or tools. Whispers of decadence, drunken revelry and seductive promises fill the heads of anyone within the haunt’s area—any PC within the haunt must take a Will save DC 20 to avoid joining the dance. On the second and third round anyone still in the haunt’s area must take another DC 20 Will save or join the ball—for those already dancing, a DC 22 Will save prevents them from fading away with the dancers after the third round, going back to the castle of the Prince of Revelry in a pocket dimension. Succeeding on the second Will save breaks the haunt’s hold over the character and they are not subject to any more Will saves while the haunt lasts.

Destruction At the exact time the haunt triggers, the still-beating heart of the Prince of Revelry must be pierced with a silver dagger by a virtuous maiden. The virtuous maiden and a silver dagger can be found in the village, but the still beating heart of the Prince of Revelry might prove trickier to procure. 

Adventure Hook The mayor’s youngest daughter has been taken back to the Prince of Revelry’s castle, and understandably the mayor wants her back. The party is hired to travel via the haunt to the castle and rescue her. Legends tell that strong-willed individuals have escaped from the haunt when it manifests; although no one can point out anyone who has done so, it is well known and therefore must be true.

Origin: Altazar Hunthar was the son of a minor noble and a dabbler in all things magical. He was a shy young man and one fateful evening he attended a ball at the local baron’s estate. Unfortunately being an awkward young man, he was easy prey for the experienced socialites at the event. A humiliating experience left Althazar in tears, running into the darkening night. The rain and the muddy road conspired against him and he stumbled from a stone bridge, falling to his end in the ravine below. With his dying breath Altazar cursed everyone at the ball—his all-consuming spite made the curse very real and the baron’s castle disappeared with everyone inside. A year to the day the haunt manifested for the first time, and since then the socialites have danced every week trying to lure more into their midst. When 101 new dancers have been added to the ball, the souls are released to the afterlife, the pocket dimension collapses and the haunt ceases to manifest.

 [Submitted by Brian Wiborg Monster]

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2 thoughts on “Ball of Decadence

  1. Oh, very nice. I like this haunt. Now, to figure out what game I can work it into . . .

  2. Thank you Sean, I hope you can use it to make it memorable for your players, after all that is why we are here 🙂

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