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Mageslayer’s Burden

Mageslayer’s Burden CR 4
XP 1,200knight-medieval-4
CE persistent haunt (5 ft. by 20 ft. hallway)
Caster Level 4th
Notice Perception DC 25 (the sobbing, depressing cries of a man cursed by a life of failure)
hp 10; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 minute
Weaknesses Slow (manifests at Initiative rank 0), Tricked by Stealth (Mageslayer’s Burden makes a caster level check instead of a Perception check to notice someone using Stealth), Susceptible to Fire
Effect When this haunt is triggered, a ghastly spirit in the armor of a knight appears out of nowhere and strikes a creature with its spectral sword (with a targeted dispel magic). This spectral spirit continues to attack any item or creature with an enchanted item or active spell effect until no magics (divine or arcane) are present, at which point it fades out of existence. Unless dispersed however, it continues to harry those it perceives, traveling from its point of origin until all the magic it perceived has been suppressed or dispelled.

Destruction The body of the original knight must be submerged in holy water (requiring an object with a volume equal to a medium size creature to be filled with the substance, and for the ethereal and incorporeal spirit to pass through it).

Adventure Hook The Order of the Sundered Spell is an organization of warriors nominally revered throughout the realm. In truth they are a xenophobic society of superstitious knights and men of physical gifts that despise wizards, sorcerers, witches, clerics, druids and any and all spellcasters of every kind. They hide a dark secret, however, as their members have an unfortunate tendency to wander the world after their death, forever sating their desire to see magic sundered. These spirits often hound areas near artifacts; these potent items are too powerful for them to disenchant, but they are woe to see them fall into the hands of any mortal. Any squire to the Order of the Sundered Spell has a morbid requirement before him should he wish to see knighthood; he must vanquish one of their former members’ spirits to earn a title.



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