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Web Extras – Rise of the Drow: The Long Road

This month there’s a grab bag of content from the AaWBlog for folks to enjoy! In addition to the normal magic itemstrapshauntsGM articlessidequests and creatures you’re used to, for April we’ve got some high-quality cartography by Jonathan G. Nelson with Web Extras – Maps!

These are ideal for GMs running Rise of the Drow, but can be used by any group in the Underworld of Aventyr (or other subterranean locales). Below are a map for the Gamemaster’s eyes only, one for players to use, and another ideal for use with VTT programs!


web extra 2 dwarves vs drow jpeg




web extra 2 dwarves vs drow grid jpeg


web extra 2 dwarves vs drow VTT jpeg

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