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Maddening May: Voice in the Mist

Voice in the Mist     CR 7
XP 3,200
CE special haunt (50 ft. radius)
Caster Level 7th
Noticemists of shroudstone Perception DC 26 (to notice faint imprints of humanoid faces forming in the mists)
Hp 7; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day

Effect A voice can be heard calling out from the mists of Shroudstone, a pitiful sobbing plea for help from anyone. The voice in the mist can be understood by any creature with a spoken language, but in a group the voice uses the language spoken by the majority (the haunt automatically knows which language that might be). Creatures that does not speak the language used by the haunt are not affected by the it. Creatures in the haunt’s area must take a DC 18 Will save or feel compelled to seek out the source of the voice. Creatures failing their Will save are led on a wild chase through the mists deep into the Shroudstone. The voice in the mist keeps beckoning victims on for up to an hour, leaving them truly lost in the Shroudstone or in an advantageous position for any ambushing monsters. As the victims make their way through the mists, the environment itself is a hazard but deeper in, the Ghosts of Shroudstone lay in ambush [keep your eyes peeled for that encounter in this week’s Sidequest Saturday!].

Destruction Destroying the Ghosts of Shroudstone automatically destroys this haunt.

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