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The Veranthea Codex launches today at 6PM EST (3 PM PST)!


Mike Myler and Rogue Genius Games are launching a Kickstarter later TODAY (6PM EST!) for a book everyone needs in their Pathfinder library—the Veranthea Codex.

Spoony Jaws - Trectoyri [Jacob Blackmon] (reduced)Veranthea is Mike’s mad world, the campaign setting he started playing Pathfinder in years ago, and it’s been developing into a truly amazing project! But why are you reading about it on the AaWBlog?

The answer is simple—Mike’s borrowing some of the crew here to help bring his world to life in a beautiful hardback book!

  • Brian Wiborg Mønster is heading development and writing in Grethadnis!
  • Luis Loza and Colin Stricklin, two module authors from’s stables, fill out his core group of writers (developing Urethiel and Trectoyri, respectively).
  • Beztekorps - Grethadnis [Indi Martin]Justin Andrew Mason is producing incredible graphics for the Veranthea Codex, doing the lion’s share of cartography (with the exception of Jonathan G. Nelson’s stretch goal), and is on to make some mythic content alongside Rory Toma (another great stretch goal)!
  • Another veteran—the other MM, Michael McCarthy—is on to develop material for stretch goals and is the lead editor, making sure that all of the content in the Veranthea Codex is top-notch!
  • Finally there’s Julian Neale, the mechanics engineer that worked with Mike Myler on the Underworld Classes product line—with his guiding hand on board, the archetypes and prestige classes throughout the Veranthea Codex are sure to be some of the most balanced material third party publishers have to offer!

Master in Irons - Urethiel cast [Nathanael Batchelor]

This post is to get the word out; visit the Veranthea Codex tumblr for a peek at much of the existing content for Mike’s World, keep an eye out for the four FREE Veranthea Codex PDFs on,,, and, or drop by the Veranthea Codex Facebook page to get an early peek at the FREE PDFs releasing all throughout September!

If you like what you see, please tell your friends, share the Facebook page, and get ready for the Kickstarter launch TODAY at 6PM EST!

We’ll see you there!

Braxthar Grimdrahk - Scientific Innovator [Indi Martin] (reduced)


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