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Foul Machinations Friday: Uralicans Uncut – Part 2

spheresIt has been a wild ride through the demiplane of Uklonjen as the AaWBlog advances Uralicans Uncut! After getting past the first gateway, to continue onward the party need to fix their ship and in so doing, overcome a dangerous, sticky situation with gelatinous spheres. With the help of the native Uralicans, the PCs can modify their vessel to run on xyrx crystals (and might get an interesting item along the way).

Continuing through the demiplane, the party comes across strange floating creatures, god spores, some of which contain avaricious xyrx crystals! Uklonjen’s strange nature can be unsettling, however, and they might be in peril of losing their composure (or worse). The odd things lead the party to a third gateway and the tentacle of a mad god; to close the portal, the PCs must fend off more of its offspring, veinar, while they ram the limb back to the misbegotten place from whence it came!

god sporesAs they travel farther through Uklonjen in their efforts to return home, the party encounters a curious item floating in space, surrounded by a fine silver dust as they approach the Ancestral Gateway. When they finally get there a powerful haunt rebuffs the PCs, but to take the final step home, the party has much more to overcome—find out what in this weekend’s Sidequest Saturday and Statblock Sunday!

If you’ve been apprehensive about including the psionics rules from Dreamscarred Press that are being used in Uralicans Uncut, there’s an article you need to check out! Should you be coming by the AaWBlog for the killer artwork, there are two featured artist posts to see: Jacob Blackmon and Mates Laurentiu!

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