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Magic Item Monday (Uralicans Uncut): Uralican Straight Jacket

Aura strong metacreativity; ML 11th
Slot chest; Price 65,000; Weight 2 lbs.

The straps of this restraining jacket fasten quickly as the thought of trying it on passes through you mind.

There are two ways of wearing this jacket—with the arms tied (restrained) or untied (unrestrained). Each time the jacket is worn, the wearer must make a DC 13 Will save or contract paranoia, and it can be worn with medium or light armors.

uralican straight jacketRestrained: The Uralican straight jacket grants a +2 deflection bonus to AC and a +3 insight bonus against mind-affecting effects, though the wearer is unable to use somatic spell components or any item that requires a hand to use. As a free action the wearer can sprout 4 psionic tentacles (1d8) with a reach of 15 feet, using their hit dice as base attack bonus for the tentacles (with one tentacle as a primary attack and the remainder as secondary attacks), and their highest mental attribute in place of Strength to determine attack bonus and damage. These tentacles can hold manipulate simple items (like a door handle) but are unable to work complex devices like a crossbow. The wearer gets a +3 will save agasint mind affecting effects.

Unrestrained: The Uralican straight jacket grants the wearer a +1 deflection bonus to AC and +2 insight bonus against mind-affecting effects, as well as two psionic tentacles, as above (one is a primary attack, the other is a secondary attack).

DC 15     The Uralican straight jacket was a valuable tool to restrain creatures from unexpect after effects of using psionic power.
DC 20     It’s said that some who’ve worn these restraining coats had horrible traumatic experiences, their symptoms worsening before eventually they escaped from the places that held them.
DC 25     The first Uralican straight jacket was made for a Uralican who felt like she was slipping away into the cosmos, uncertain of what was real and what was not and but positive that something unknown plagued her.
DC 30     The Uklonjen is a place that has been known to torment people who are susceptible to mind-affecting effects, and seeing the plight of her people, one Uralican began to work towards a solution. Her efforts resulted in the Uralican straight jacket, but she had not foreseen the manifestation of psionic tentacles by individuals bound in the coats too long.

Craft Wondrous Item, a bolt of cotton, leather, ectoplasmic grapnel; Cost 30,000


Contributed by Tim Snow!

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