Update from the AaW Art Department!

In Art Department news, the crew is working feverishly to produce an adventure trilogy written by Jonathan Nelson and Stephen Yeardley. Todd is working on maps for the first of this series, and they are coming along just fine.

The art department is also working on visuals for another exciting adventureaweek.com contest. The title of the contest is “You can win this treasure trove”, a juicy prize for sure, several original pieces of artĀ from a TSR AD&D card game, three popular Forgotten Realms novels signed by Todd Gamble for the cartography he did in them, and an awesome unique “Umber Hulk” preproduction resin casting from the D&D minis line, PLUS a free one year annual membership to Adventureaweek.com.

In other news, more dungeon tiles are in the works as well as side quest maps for those who cannot get enough adventure! Todd is also producing more fascinating maps for mapaweek.com, a companion site for game masters everywhere who want a trove of great maps.

Tim Tyler, our wonderful character and cover artist is working on some professional illustration projects for himself and while he is working on these projects, Tim hasĀ introduced us on to another wonderful artist, (Silvano, from Italy) Welcome to the team Silvano! Stay tuned for more fun stuff from the art department!


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