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Unholy Mass

Unholy Mass     CR 6Mosshammer Castle - Great Hall
XP 2,400
CE haunt (30 ft. radius)

Caster Level 6th
Notice Perception DC 20 (to hear chanting on the wind)
hp 6; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day
Effect: When this haunt is triggered, ghostly figures appear in the haunt’s area—an evil cleric is conducting a sermon for the vile god of undeath, whom he worshipped in real life. As the sermon abruptly ends any corporeal creature in the haunt’s area suffer 1d8+9 in damage (Will DC 17 for half). Any undead in the haunt’s area regain 1d8+9 hp instead.

Destruction: A cleric of the god of fertility and birth must cast cure light woundsduring the haunt’s manifestation after the haunt has been triggered by a person with a pure heart.

Adventure Hook: Decades ago Shek’mon plagued the surrounding lands with his army of living dead. After years of fear and misery, the paladin order of the Pure of Heart was able to confront the necromancer. They attacked him as Shek’mon was conducting a sermon for his living followers. As the head was cut from his body, negative energy tore through the assembled ranks and killed the majority of the necromancer’s followers and a few paladins as well. With Shek’mon gone the order and their allies easily routed his army. The god of undeath was so displeased with this anticlimactic end to the large army of vile followers that he had Shek’mon bound to relive the final fateful seconds before his death as a haunt over and over again.


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