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Strange Salve: Treasure Potion

Message in bottleTreasure Potion
Aura faint divination; CL 2nd
Slot none; Price 810 gp; Weight

Still slick with visceral slime from the river beast’s stomach, this unusually large glass bottle contains a clear liquid infused with swirling golden particulate. It appears that a small rolled piece of parchment has been inserted into the vessel, a piece of twine securing the document as it floats within the potion. A bit of the string hangs outside the lip, securely held in place by a bulky cork stopper.

Consuming a treasure potion is before pulling the rolled parchment out destroys the small scroll but grants the user a the immediate use of a locate object effect focused on the most valuable unattended object located in a 500-ft.-radius (this effect persists for 2 minutes).
If the parchment is removed from the treasure potion and investigated (a DC 10 Disable Device check before the liquid is consumed), the item loses any magical properties but there is a 20% chance that the parchment transforms into an accurate map that depicts the location of a local hidden treasure cache containing 1d4 random minor magic items, 1d4 random potions, and 3d6 x 10 gp.

Requirements Brew Potion, locate object, create treasure map, knowledge of the location of a hidden treasure (to be depicted on the map), and 10 gp worth of fine gold dust; Cost 400 gp

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