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Sanguineus Mirror (CR 11)


A large silver mirror hangs on the wall next to a set of wooden doors. The gilded frame is stained, and the mirror itself is tarnished.

Type: magical; Perception DC 31; Disable Device 31

Trigger Touch; Reset 1 hour


Whenever a non-vampire gets within 10′ of the mirror, they are compelled to look into it. (DC 28 Will Save to avoid looking into mirror) Anyone who looks into the mirror who is not a vampire does not see a reflection but instead becomes imprisoned in the mirror as per the imprisonment spell. (DC 28 Will Save negates). Once imprisoned, the PC must make a DC 28 Save each round. If he fails, he takes 1 point of damage from bleeding. The blood from the character pools up on the outside of the mirror on some of the tarnished spots, dripping down and collecting in pools in the corners of the frame. The trapped PC can also be freed if a vampire drinks any of the accumulated blood. The trapped PC is clearly visible to any outside observer; however, trapped PCs are not visible to each other and may not interact.

Any number of PC’s can be trapped in the mirror. If the mirror is shattered or otherwise destroyed, the PCs remain trapped; however, they will now have to be located via the same methods used for the Imprisonment spell.

6 thoughts on “Sanguineus Mirror (CR 11)

  1. That is a work of art Rory, beautiful, and it will find many uses in my games, as well as in Cultus Sanguineus.

  2. Is there any limit to the amount of people that can be trapped by the mirror? What happens if the mirror is shattered?

  3. Thanks for asking, Sean!

    Rory is hard at the grindstone working on some truly clever traps for next month on the AaWBlog, but I did get him to fess up a response to your query!

    “An arbitrary number of people can be put inside. They can only be freed by a freedom spell. If broken, they then have to find the character, as you would with the imprisonment spell.”

    If you have any other questions about this or anything else in Cultus Sanguineus, let us know!
    Thanks for reading!

  4. I really like this trap and I hope to use it in my game, but my players are only level 6 right now, so it will be awhile. I plan to put it in the chamber where my master vampire (and campaign big-bad) rests. (Campaign is expected to wrap-up between levels 10 and 12.)

    Usually I worry that the CR of traps is too high compared to the difficulty of a combat of the same CR, but this trap might actually be worth that CR 11 XP. It’s fiendish.

    I need to check out some of your other traps, so my players get to experience more cool traps before getting surprised by one at the end of the campaign.

  5. Wolf, your comment ties in nicely to this post:

    This may be the perfect trap to foreshadow the climatic trap, and will soon be level appropriate.

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