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Maddening May: Whispering Woods


The energies of the deceased, coupled with the madness of the swamp, have turned areas of the swamp into vortices of madness and death. One such area is filled with dense foliage and trees. Wailing and moaning can sometimes be heard deep from the center of the trees.

Whispering Woods (CR 2 + CR 10)

Strange sounds come from the woods. Perhaps it is a trick of the wind and leaves.

Type: magical; Perception DC 26 or 34; Disable Device 26 or 34

Trigger location; Reset 1d6+1 days


When a character gets near the woods, a light breeze blows through the woods, creating a soft moaning noise. Soft moaning noise (DC 16 Will Save or become shaken (-2 on attack, saves, skill checks and ability checks) for 1 minute, cannot be affected again by moaning for 24 hours once a save is made); After 1 minute, the breeze turns into a sharp gust of wind that causes a horrible scream emanate from the woods, affecting the closest character within 65′ from the edge of the woods, or the character furthest into the woods and anyone within 40′ of that character. Scream (DC 27 Fortitude Save or take 170 points of damage); multiple targets (all targets within 40′ of a character within 65′ from the woods edge)

Once the trees start moaning, the PCs can make a DC 25 Perception check. If they succeed, they hear whispers in the moaning, warning the characters away from the trees and describing a certain death if they approach. The warnings get more dire and graphic as the PCs move closer until the point where the scream happens. After that, the trees fall silent for 1d6+1 days.

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