Wandering Wasteland: The Transgression (part 2)

[Continued from last week’s Trap Tuesday! —MM]the transgression snippet #2

During this daily period of intense heat, Fortitude saves against the environment need to be made by creatures involved in strenuous activities (such as combat) in an exposed area but are otherwise unnecessary. During the direct Transgression as temperatures rise to greater than 240° F (115° C), unprotected creatures must make a Fortitude Save (DC 15 +1 per previous check) or take 10d6 points of damage (half damage on a successful save). Half of this damage is considered fire damage and the other half is untyped. The direct Transgression lasts for 66 seconds (11 rounds; “the dread 66”). Any creature slain by the Shard must make a DC 20 Will save or be affected by the Ashen Death (see Table SL-1: Ashen Death).

TABLE SL-1: Ashen Death

1d100 Effect
1-24 Creature explodes in a burst of ash; any creatures within a 10-ft.-radius are afflicted with ashen miasma.
25-36 Creature immediately rises as an ashen version of itself.
37-49 Creature rises as an ashen version of itself after 1d4 days.
50-68 Creature explodes with sun magic, dealing hit dice x d4 fire damage to all creatures within a 5-ft.-radius.
69-80 Nothing happens.
81-94 Creature is returned to life (at 1 hp) after 1 minute and suffers a permanent charred appearance, taking a permanent -1 penalty to Constitution and Charisma. Roll on Table SL-2: Transgression Mutations.
95-100 Creature is returned to life after 1 minute with full hit points and a permanent charred appearance, as well as a +1 natural armor bonus and +1 racial bonus to Charisma. Roll on Table SL-2: Transgression Mutations. [Next week’s Trap Tuesday! —MM]


[The Transgression is by Scorched Lands writer Lance Keppner!]

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