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Tension Building Traps

Double_bass_gut_stringsSome traps are obvious and may not be avoidable. In these cases, either it has to be disarmed, or everyone has to figure out a way to get past. This next trap is such a trap.

Piano Room (CR 11)

Several wires run perpendicular to the doors across the room. 

Type: mechanical; Perception DC 31; Disable Device 33

Trigger touch; Reset None


The glass ceiling is held into place by several crystal hooks. If a wire is struck, it makes a sound. The vibrations cause some of the hooks to breaks, and the ceiling falls. The wires require a DC 18 Acrobatics check to maneuver through. If they are cut, it causes them to emit sound. Falling Ceiling (10d6 damage, DC 22 Reflex Save for half damage); multiple targets (all targets in room)

There is no denying that this room is trapped; it will be quite obvious. It will also be obvious that disturbing the wires is unwise. It’s also not particularly difficult to bypass at the Challenge Rating it is set for, so why bother having this trap at all? This trap serves a few purposes. Not everyone will be able to make the necessary Acrobatics checks to get through. The PCs will have to pool resources and use some teamwork to get by. This may be building something, using Fly spells, or even something as simple as buffing everyone with Dex bonuses. However the PCs decide to deal with this trap, it will take time and resources. Sometimes, that’s what traps are for.

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  1. I love this! Definitely plan on implementing something like it in a future dungeon.

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