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Magic Item Monday (Duty in Drak’kal): Temper Rod

dwarfstickTemper Rod
Aura faint evocation, CL 2nd
Slot none; Price 4,000 gp, Weight 1 lb.

As the city guards unsheathe their temper rods, a dazzling display of dancing blue light erupts before their silhouettes, accompanied by the sizzle-like sound and baritone hum of an active electrical current.

A temper rod is a short, thick metal rod that can be wielded as a Medium-sized light mace. As a swift action, the wielder can activate the temper rod’s magic, causing it to crackle loudly with electricity; on a successful hit to deal nonlethal damage, an activated temper rod shocks the target creature, causing them to become stunned for 1d4 rounds (DC 20 Fortitude negates).
The handle-end of the temper rod is insulated to shield the wielder from this shocking effect, and the shocking effect remains active only as long as the temper rod remains securely held in the wielder’s hand.
An activated temper rod can be applied to standing water (or other liquid) to cause a decreased shocking effect that disperses in a 15-ft.-radius of water centered on the rod. All creatures within the area of effect (including the wielder if applicable) are stunned for 1 round (DC 15 Fortitude negates).
If the shocking effect is instead used in conjunction with an attack dealing lethal damage, it is treated as shocking grasp (CL 1st), but for each successful hit dealing lethal damage there is a 10% chance that the temper rod breaks, becoming completely useless.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, shocking grasp; Cost 2,000 gp

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